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May 2009
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Poor ignored marigolds

These pictures are from friday. The garden looks a lot better now after two days of sunlight and no rain.

Four plants means a lot more pictures than for the two last year.

Bradley. Healthy tiny baby.

Siberian. The worst off. It’s supposed to be the cold weather plant!

Tigerella. Actually looks greener and healthier today. Much.

Black Prince. Bottom leaves look sucky but the top looks so much better.

Damn Pessimists.

Umm. So it’s been overcast and gross here and there are no pictures to post for today. Unless Bear and I somehow get home early today, which I doubt. But tomorrow!! One of the tomato plants is already in a cage. Bear is sure they are all going to die. I hate that he’s Mr DoomAndGloom. They are going to be JUST FINE.

Instead, here’s a song I’ve been listening to on repeat. I love it. But maybe not the video so much.

ETA: My mom has green tomatoes on her plants already. UGH. Stupid southern weather.

Spring losses

So yesterday I got home and the planters still weren’t here, but I wasn’t too fussed about it. Then about 7:30, my landlord came over and said he took some boxes into his house so they wouldn’t sit outside. I love that they are so nice and awesome about doing that for Bear and I, but sometimes I wish they’d leave the boxes be. Because then things like this happen:

So I was working on something when I got the boxes and just pushed them to the side. Then around 9 I thought, I bet it’ll be less stressful on the plants if I transplanted them at night. I really wish Bear had been awake. Sometimes I need someone to help me check the crazy. Because that’s what I did. From about 9pm until 10pm I was outside with only the light coming through the kitchen windows and the porch light from the house next to ours. (ohmygod, side rant about how much that light pisses us off? It goes straight through one of the windows that we didn’t have a shade on. Now we have a shade.) Let me tell you, putting down soil and fertilizer and dolomite(????) and moving tomato plants in the dark? In 50 degrees. I got dirt all over the sweatshirt I was wearing. As soon as I was done, it came off and went straight into the washer. But all the plants are in… not so correct planters, but everything should be fine. It was DARK. I didn’t realize until this morning, but Bradley and the Siberian were supposed to go in the same planter. Instead Siberian is now in its own and Bradley is with Black Prince. *winces* I’ll post pictures tomorrow. All the planters have covers now too. Thank Goodness, because it’s raining today and it’s supposed to keep raining for the next couple of days. The new planters have drainage holes, but the old one, that has TWO PLANTS (Why didn’t I remember last night why I only wanted one plant in the old planter??) doesn’t have drainage.

Whatever. I’m not moving another plant. They’ve already been tortured enough and it’s fucking 48 degrees outside. *cries*

And if that’s not sad enough, let me show you the beauty that is no more:

That gorgeous plant had an unusual amount of flowers this year. I love it. Every year it’s gorgeous, but this year it was spectacular. It was pulling itself down with all the flower petals. Last year there were bees and all kinds of insects around the plant well into June. This year? All of those flowers are gone already. The pictures I took are all I have left:

The tomato plants are just down that path:

At least I don’t have to worry about knocking off petals when I want to get to my tomatoes.

First attempt

Basically the tomato plants are going to dominate the blog for a while. So I got anxious and did a maybe bad thing. I planted the tomato plants. Knowing that like… every one of them was going to have to be moved. But not far and I knew I could keep the roots steady.

So I planted them. In the far left is number 89. 89 is a black tomato plant, specifically a Black Prince. Description is on the page linked, but that’s not where I bought it from. In the bottom middle is number 54, a Siberian. Directly behind it, hidden, is #12, a Bradley. Finally, on the right, #82, Mister Stripey or Tigerella. The size differential on the two descriptions worries me. I tried this time to make sure that all of my plants would be ok in planters, so determinates and semi-determinates and the Black Prince and Siberian are supposed to be ok in cooler climates. Considering the temperature today at 6pm:

I’m thinking that was probably a good idea.