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May 2009
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Dupe or Whore

So I didn’t post yesterday again. *sighs* I’m cheating and post dating this. Lin and I watched Nightline and then got into an argument. The last segment was about host clubs in Japan. I’ve heard of them. I had a friend, Bishop, live in Japan for a year and my husband is an otaku. But the stupid woman, a blond so I’ll call her Blondie, for the stupid news was interviewing this Japanese woman who had fallen in love with her host. She’s a very busy businesswoman who has no time for a boyfriend and this guy notices when she changes her hair or nails and how she feels and what she says. Lin and I agree on how that’s very attractive to a woman, but that it’s stupid to fall in love with a dude you are paying. He’s noticing this shit so that you’ll keep paying. The Nightline lady back at the studio, as the segment ends, said “I don’t know if that’s progress for women.”

Here’s our argument: Is that progress? Women paying for attention and some getting duped and falling for the attention they paid to get. I said yes. I said I’d rather be the one with the money, be the one who has that choice. Lin said no, that we are still getting fooled by men. I countered with at least as a dupe instead of a whore you HAVE that freedom, that choice. Lin countered with the fact that some escorts chose that life and most would hate to be pitied. We didn’t get further, but I don’t think I’m pitying anyone. Whores are whores, almost uniformly, because they don’t have choices. Women who have enough money to be paying hosts have freedom. They have jobs, money, education. Maybe they are lonely and that’s sad, but are you telling me whores have a better support system and better friends? I’m not saying it’s good progress. I’m acknowledging that wow, this is still a sucky situation, but I’d rather be Richard Gere than Julia Roberts anyday.

ETA: For Lin, I mean Pretty Woman. I did not mean Pretty Woman vs American Gigolo. I haven’t even seen American Gigolo. I didn’t actually mean to imply that either movie is an acurate portrayal of prostitution or escort services either. Ok Lin? (Also, I don’t know how to spell gigolo?? *sighs*)