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May 2009
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I have tomatoes!!!!! WHEEEEE

(ignore the fact that I have no pots yet!)

So the tomatos came in this weird box. It kinda freaked me out? Last time each plant came in a little pot that had been saran-wrapped to keep the dirt and roots steady and had a little cardboard cage around the leaves. This meant the two plants from last time were in a flat rectangular box. This… isn’t.

The poor things look kind of sad. The lady I ordered the tomatoes from gave me two extra tomatoes and two marigolds (so there’s a total of 8 plants wrapped up in that little package.

The plants are: Mister Stripey, Black Prince, Bradley, Siberian, Green Giant and Garden Peach. Since I only really have space for four plants, the last two are going to a friend of Bear’s from work. I’ll be taking them over to her on Sunday.

Synthesized Happiness

I watched this video about “synthesized” happiness yesterday. I’m not sure that I would call it “synthesized” as the word implies that it’s fake. That there’s a “natural” happiness. The guy really means expected happiness vs unexpected. The happiness that you get when you achieve something or get something you wanted is expected or natural. That’s not the only source for happiness though. Most people find happiness in their situations, even when the situations aren’t of their choosing. They find lessons or beauty in places we wouldn’t expect. They make happiness just from the living of their life, because our brains can simulate and imagine and adjust. The speaker talks about how we, modern people, view this happiness as false. That if we could get what we wanted, we’d have “true” happiness, but he says that all happiness is true and we do ourselves a disservice imagining any happiness we feel isn’t real. I have a friend who likes to talk about owning our joys. I think we might benefit from owning our happiness too.

If I told you this talk made me happy, would you think it fake? Because it did and it is real to me.

(BTW 21 minute talk.)


I made simple syrup (1:1 ratio) and cold brewed coffee (the coffee isn’t finished, but I started it). I now have this burning desire to order a case of mason jars. *rolls eyes at herself* Like I won’t have more empty jars from spagetti sauce and pickles and such anyways.

Need to work on my research paper. And the new project. I’ll call it the Bear App. And I really should get my yarn to the next step in the process, which is to tie it up and pull it off the niddy noddy. Wow it’s been a long time since I talked about that kind of stuff on the blog. *sighs happily*

Edited for Linda. She wanted me to link to some cold brewed coffee.

Sound of Settling

Bear and I just started a job for my aunt. One of the few members of my family that Bear genuinely likes. Some days I wonder what’s wrong with us. 1) Because I have the ability to piss Bear off so fast. Or frustrate him. Or annoy him. I do not think the way he actually expects me to think. I do not work the way he expects me to work. He thinks I’m brilliant (my husband confounds me.) and this means he thinks that I think the way he does. I think he’s brilliant, but there’s no way in H-E-L-L that we think alike. We don’t process information the same, we don’t think the same, we don’t have similar memory abilities. 2) Working for my aunt?? Well, she’s going to be polite because it’s Bear. That’s the only saving grace. It’s going to be a pretty massive project. With the promise of a good payoff. But we both work full time.

Other than that, it’s been an awesome weekend. I lie. Even with that, it’s been an awesome weekend. Bear and I spent some time outside on Friday. I took the wheel outside while he walked around and we talked. Then we had dinner and a generally nice evening. Saturday, kept spinning. Watched movies. Hung with Bear. Avoided computer like it would give me the plague. And not the Black one. It was a pretty great day. Today I’ve worked on my aunt’s mockups (wireframes with use cases as per Bear) and spun some more and watched some BAD movies. Picked up AJ from the airport and took her home. Got into a fight with Bear on the phone about nagging and whether I’m a natural nagger or if we could fix things so that I didn’t nag. We dropped it. *sighs*

Lin, if you see this, I saw 7 lbs (the movie?). Did you tell me to see it? I gotta say dude, I was kinda pissed. I did not expect that at all and I hadn’t wanted to see another sad movie. I was so pissed. Ugh. Strangely though, not at the actual plot. I found it pretty… not believable, but I saw why it happened the way it did and am ok with it. It was more that I didn’t start it expecting it to be the movie it was and I’ve been grouchy since.