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June 2009
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Mommy and me: the real crazy

I still feel kind of lost and confused. Life has been too much of a rollercoaster right now. But I’m going to slide backwards and share more of the insanity from my mom’s trip.

After we left the beach I was still driving. This didn’t last long at all because Mom and I were missing Carl and txting and driving is never a good idea. However, I was also about to learn that Mommy driving isn’t a great idea either. Almost all pictures were taken as we drove along.

We survived. Barely. There was one memorable moment where she actually hit a curb. Carl hates my driving, but I’ve never actually hit curbs because I wasn’t paying enough attention. What was she paying attention to? Well, that changed by the second, but it could have been the purple trash bags:

She wanted to buy one. Honestly. I was like, I’ll just take a picture, ok? And she was adamant that she needed a purple trash bag, Emmy! *rolls eyes*

It could have been the preponderance of elephants:

We were honestly stunned at how many people in New England felt elephants were needed to decorate their buildings. That’s that I missed taking pictures of two more I think. Sorry about that second picture. You see the elephant’s butt right? I was relaying information between Mom and Carl I think and almost missed that elephant too.

It could have been the …:

We weren’t entirely sure what was going on here, but we loved it.

It could have been the fiftieth appearance of the Coca-Cola truck:

We were pretty sure it was stalking us. This was also the third day we’d seen a big Coca-Cola truck.

But I’m pretty sure it was just Mom being her excitable self. I took away her phone and yelled at her a bit. She managed to not run us into anymore curbs. We are amazingly capable of entertaining ourselves apparently. I’ll have to share the signage and flora, fauna and wildlife that caught our eye later. And the some of the million pictures of the other beach, a sand one this time.