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August 2009
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Like onions, except not

I read a story today that made me sob. Like, my throat was closing up and it HURT. Haven’t had one of those in a long while. Pretty awesome, I gotta say. I have also been realizing lately that I’m pretty perverse in general. Give me a story that is happy but makes me sob and I’m so grateful. Give me work that has problems and complications and people wanting things from me and I’ll bitch so happily it’ll make your head spin.

Anyways, I don’t have much. Bear is still sick, but went into work. I’m not going into work. I’ve been home. Still coughing shit out of my lungs. Working though.

Also, I don’t even know why, the song Get It Faster by Jimmy Eat World keeps coming up on my playlists. I’ve heard it like 5 times in the last two days. I love that song, but I’ve got many many gorgeous songs and I don’t understand why my electronics are insisting that I listen to this one song.

About music though. I’m gonna admit I’m kinda bummed. It’s probably precipitous, but I’ve heard early songs from Panic! and not!Panic! and MCR and it is making me sad. Panic! is good music, but the lyrics just aren’t there. Not!Panic! has good lyrics and good music, but the song lacks something. It sounds empty. It doesn’t grab me, despite sounding like something I’d like. And then MCR is trying to be the anti-Cobra. Dude. Cobra has its place. There’s no need to try and make yourselves into something that isn’t them. It’s very bewildering.

I’m honestly hoping I’m wrong all the way around and that albums will come out and I’ll listen a bunch of times and then love it, because while I’m super happy with the new music I’ve been finding for myself, I like the color that the bandom bands provide to my music collection. Speaking of Jimmy Eat World, it’s like, I adored their first album, but none of the rest have really lived up for me. I would mention Third Eye Blind in this category too, but they dropped off the map after the first two albums. Actually. Nevermind, this is no longer making any sense even in my own head. *sighs*

Enough about the music. I’m going to listen to something that isn’t JEW now. Because honestly, its not like I don’t already know Get It Faster pretty well.