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August 2009
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growing green things

I have tomatoes. And plants that are still falling over. Guh.

So. As you can see, the poor Siberian (last picture) plant ended up having to be propped up against the house. The Stripey plant (second picture) is propped up against the fence. Apparently, the wind was strong enough to rip the plant off the fence (there were branches tangled in the fence) and knocked a bunch of tomatoes off today. These pictures are all from yesterday. But look at that beautiful Black Prince and Bradley planter (first picture). Sitting there with two big tomatoes ripening on the vine. Gorgeous yes?? Sadly though, I think I’ll only get the one tomato from the Bradley plant.

I do have some ripe tomatoes from Stripey and Siberian.

The green ones on the bottom are casualties from all the times Stripey or Siberian fell. When Stripey fell again today, it doubled the output you see there. Now I have only red tomatoes in that tupperware and I have an even bigger one full of green tomatoes.

A few of the Stripey tomatoes split kind of violently about 4 days ago.

I’ve got about half a dozen tomatoes that look like that. *winces* I’ve abused these plants so badly this year.

But the Bradley tomato is gorgeous

And the Black Prince tomatoes are starting to ripen