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September 2009
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happy nerds

So last night (this morning) Bear and I were awake at 5am. It is a long story as to why we were both awake, so I’ll skip that part. Bear was having trouble falling asleep and his brain kept buzzing. (I don’t know if this happens to other people, but when he’s thinking really hard I can feel him NOT SLEEPING.) So I told him to talk. Just talk to me and hopefully that would slow down his thoughts enough to allow him to sleep.

I don’t even remember how this happened but from all his babbles we ended up in a discussion about infinity. As in, the number of rational numbers between 0 and 1. Or the number of natural numbers. Or… whatever. And Bear has the opinion that there many types of infinity. I disagreed. We argued. At 5:30 in the morning. About infinity and advanced number theory. And Godel and Turing got tossed around. And Computer Scientists were dissed and it got ugly. So we stopped with that and then I said  how I couldn’t conceptualize anything beyond the 4th dimension, despite being able to conceptualize infinity and Bear scoffed at me, because everyone should be able to handle conceptualizing the 5th dimension and somehow we got into an argument about how we perceive ourselves and whether we exist in all dimensions. We agree that duh we exist in all dimensions but my reasoning on this branched the argument into whether our concepts of ourselves needed 3 or 4 dimensions. (For the record, I’m damn sure we need 4 and he thinks we only need 3. We’ve issued cease and desists to each other.)

Bear finally got so pissed at me he wouldn’t let me touch him and all cuddling stopped and I realized it was now 6am and I pouted until he consented to cuddles again and then the sun was up and Bear fell asleep now that the night had been defeated. I promptly followed him.