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September 2009
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I don’t wanna be

I am very loose and melted. I took a very hot bath and shower. Very hot. Then cool at the end for my hair. Awesome. Good thing about hotels. I also have power and internet on my computer now. Bear has no food, but I’ll spoil him when I get home again. He is getting lots of work done. Go BEAR!

Ok, I’m only posting because I got my mic to work and I’m very happy and the last time I got somethign to work I reinstalled my computer and lost the settings and now I can’t remember. So:

My first post, after reading 17646823787364 ones about mic not working, here is what i did after trial and error to get my mic working (also the crashing of sound recorder stopped . Right click sound icon in tray > open volume control > edit > preferences > checkmark all what is there > close. At the playback tab microphone should be UNMUTED. At the capture tab, CAPTURE should be UNMUTED, both “columns”. At the switches tab, THE CULPRIT SEEMED TO BE “IEC958 CAPTURE”, UNCHECK IT!, check microphone capture, micboost, iec958 (the clear one), duplicate front and external amplifier. At the options tab mic select > mic1. Close everything. Applications > Sound & Video > Sound Recorder, record from input: microphone (worked with capture for me, too). HIt record, say alphabet, hit stop. To not crash the sound recorder don’t hit the toolbar save icon, use file > save as, and finally play button. Hope this will work for you too.
That is not for my laptop, but it worked and I don’t care. (also personal computer stuff is under the home tag? huh.)
Also, someone help me to stop listening to this song: Foxy Shazam – Wannabe Angel