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October 2009
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Clear idealism

G.K. Chesterton in Heretics:

“A modern morality, on the other hand, can only point with absolute conviction to the horrors that follow breaches of law; its only certainty is a certainty of ill. It can only point to imperfection. It has no perfection to point to. But the monk meditating upon Christ of Buddha has in his mind an image of perfect health, a thing of clear colours and clean air. He may contemplate this ideal wholeness and happiness far more than he ought; he may contemplate it to the neglect or exclusion of essential things; he may contemplate it until he has become a dreamer or a driveller but still it is wholeness and happiness that he is contemplating. He may even go mad; but he is going mad for the love of sanity. But the modern student of ethics, even if he remains sane, remains sane from an insane dread of insanity.”

His example a bit later in the same chapter:

“A young man may keep himself from vice by continually thinking of disease. He may keep himself from it also by continually thinking of the Virgin Mary. There may be question about which method is more reasonable, or even about which is the more efficient. But surely there can be no question about which is the more wholesome.”

If Mr Chesterton weren’t so set on Christianity and Catholicism, then I would absolutely agree with what he is saying in these bits. Because of our difference in religion, however, we’d label each other as Heretics. I think I am in love with this book and possibly Mr Chesterton. Bear only needs to not be worried because Mr Chesterton has long been dead.

One last bit:

“But the truth is that the ordinary honest man, whatever vague account he may have given of his feelings, was not either disgusted or even annoyed at the candor of the moderns. What disgusted him, and very justly, was not the presence of a clear realism, but the absence of a clear idealism.”

Light is blinding

I think Bear and I are going to buy a house. With good zombie protection. Thankfully homes automatically have vampire protection by virtue of being homes.

I just need to be very very organized and Bear needs to not freak out on me. He’s been very loving and supportive while I take on the frontman role for this operation. It’s kind of like the wedding. I stand in front and he hunkers down behind my back and shoves his shoulder in hard to make sure I don’t get whipped around in the wind.

Also, ya know, he’s the money. My income doesn’t count. For real.

What’s not like the wedding? He’s providing the passion and excitement. I’m providing the worry and caution.

I have a feeling for Operation: House, this is the correct distribution to keep us going. We need the oomf to come from the back. We don’t have as many cheerleaders.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter

I figured out last night that I’ve been working 70-80 hour weeks the last five? weeks.

Bear and I both have headaches. It’s been an interesting weekend.

In a choice between sociopath and loser, I’ll avoid corporations

Except I’m not sure I want to go into academia. And honestly, I’m not sure that would be much of an escape.

I had other shit I wanted to say today, but Bear sent me this link and now my mind is buzzing. Just when I thought I was pretty capable at dissecting and analyzing human constructs and relationships, I find someone that makes my abilities look like child’s play. I think it’s worth a read for anyone who has either ever watched The Office or ever worked in corporate America.