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October 2009
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He’s no Professor X, but he’ll do

This has to be quick. While I’ve finished the worst of my TA responsibilities, I still have about 100 homeworks to grade. Oh boy, I just got dizzy there realizing how much I still have to do. But still! Story time.

The other night Bear and I were heading out to take our old TV to the house of a friend of his. The friend is purchasing the TV from us. Since otherwise, it would have just collected dust in our house or ended up in our bedroom, I’m happy about it. Bear gets to use the money for a new XBox 360 (the optical drive on his died) or a new toy, so he’s happy as well. We get home from work, Bear suggests a plan for dinner, we get the address for his friend, we call his friend to make sure that said friend is going to be home when we get there.

Then we load up the car with the tv and I went and got the remote. The first thing I did when I picked up the remote was check that it didn’t have the rechargeable batteries in it. I have a little stockpile of rechargeable batteries that I use for almost everything in the house. When something’s batteries run down, I either charge them and the appliance waits, or I swap them out with freshly charged ones. The remote though had the free batteries from its purchase still in it. I walked out to the car and gave the remote to Bear to hold. The first thing he did? Was flip it over and open it up and check the batteries.

I started laughing. “I JUST did that inside when I grabbed it.”

Bear laughs back at me. “I knew we were married for a reason.”

“Well yeah, we wouldn’t want to give away our rechargeable batteries!”

“Exactly. We have similar priorities. We might give a friend a nice TV, but we make sure we keep our batteries.”