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January 2010
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Mecca, previously avoided

Bear finally, resisting until he stepped over the threshold, was dragged into Whole Foods last night. The second he stepped into the produce section, he was gone and I had to start pushing him to get us out of there without losing a couple hundred dollars instead of pulling for all I was worth to get him to move from the car into the store.

The only bad moments I had were when I almost pushed him into the herbal aisle and then when we went past the cleaning supplies. Bear might have been amused by the green cleaning supplies, but the herbal aisle might have overcome his joy and wallowing when he found the cheeses or the chocolate or the pastries or the meats or… and sent him right back behind his mental stereotype where this store was for weird people that eat stringy straw things and tofu and think meat is the devil. (We sometimes avoid the reality where his wife eats stringy straw things and tofu.)

I wish I had pictures of his face during the trek through the store. My favorite part was when he got the peanut butter. “You just push a button and get PEANUT BUTTER FROM PEANUTS?!?!?” He was not sure what this crack was that I had given him or how it resulted in this amazing dream, but he wanted more of it. What was supposed to be a 10 minute trip for $10 worth of apples (Bear will only eat ONE kind of apples and while sometimes I can get them at the local supermarket, usually they are better at Whole Foods) became an hour long trip that resulted in $60 dollars worth of treasures being purchased.