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April 2010
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Don’t need surgery to keep my smile afixed

Wow. I disappeared for a month there. I had my mom visit, my aunt visit, AJ visit. I figured out where I’m putting my garden for right now and we figured out where we get water in the basement and how our plumbing works and how to use a drill and a saw and how to change a wax ring on a toilet and I’ve been learning about plants. We also painted one of our bathrooms and the deck (more for weather protection and wood preservation than for pretty). We’ve unpacked… 80% of the way. We’ve figured out what changes we’d like to make to the house.

That is a magnolia tree. I think it’s a star magnolia. I’m not positive. We have one at our house (smaller, but identical otherwise) that is not yet at this stage of blooming. I suspect we have wetter soil and cooler weather than this tree gets. I’ve taken pictures of ours but I haven’t uploaded them.  This picture is courtesy of my phone. My garden is going to go around the base of my tree, near where the huge ledge is in our backyard. I’m super excited about our little tree blooming. Bear seems to think that maybe that tree is one of the ones we should take down. I’m still trying to puzzle out what’s wrong with his brain. I get cutting down some of the oaks by the creek. Those are so clustered together that we’ll get no sunlight in the summer on the ground back there. So we’ll thin out the thicket. But a gorgeous magnolia??

This I’m almost positive is an azalea. We have some evergreen rhododendrons (they might be azaleas, but definitely rhododendrons) all over our yard. The one above is deciduous and I’m thinking it’s a shame that all of ours are evergreen. There’s something about bare branches with blooms on them that I apparently find appealing. O. I just did a little googling. Apparently this is a Korean rhododendron or Cornell Pink, which isn’t actually an azalea, but looks like one so is often put under either category. Very pretty.

I’m actually going to take some cuttings of the rhododendrons that we do have and try to encourage them to grow roots and then plant them between our house and the “Home” next door to soften the line of the big ugly fence that they have. So if you can’t tell, my brain has been consumed with water (plumbing or from the basement) and gardening. When I’m not busy grading or trying to do research. I suspected this would happen, but I really like the way having a house has structured my and Bear’s lives. It’s been emotionally, mentally and physically healthy for both of us.

Now if we could only figure out the commute and the sleeping schedule so I could kick the coffee addiction…