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April 2010
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Not the Aggie kind

I feel like I should have regular Did-You-Know kinds of posts about being a new homeowner. This week I learned about burning permits. Our town has restrictions on open air burning and you have to get a burning permit in order to have a bonfire of brush and tree limbs and yard debris and such. (It does not apply to cooking or, I’m assuming, little outdoor firepits.) Tree leaves are not permitted (I learned this from a fireman) because leaves could catch on fire and then be blown by the wind and spread the fire to the neighbors and cause VERY. BIG. PROBLEMS.

So I knew we needed a burning permit. We have a very big yard.

The fuzzed out person there is Bear. Shhh. Don’t tell him that his general shape is on the internet. But you see all that yard? (That picture is from the fall before 1) we bought the house and 2) the rainfall that tried to drown us.) Lots of dead branches and all kinds of plant material that I would love to get rid of without paying to have someone get rid of it currently litter the ground. SO! We are going to burn it. Apparently between the hours of 10am and 4pm with the fire put out at 4pm and a fire hose nearby and the bonfire at least 75 feet away from any building. The fire department is very clear on their requirements.

The thing that threw me for a loop though is that when they say “permit”, they mean “permission”. You don’t go and buy or sign up for a piece of paper. You call the fire department early on the morning you want to burn and tell them that you want “a permit” and give them your address and stuff and then they give you the ok. That’s it.