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April 2010
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all my thoughts let me down

This weekend was basically spent reading, cuddling, and dealing with depression. It hasn’t dragged us down like this in a long time. I guess it was necessary. But I’ve been making bread consistently for a week now and I’ve gotten better and got a system(?)/rhythm. It’s easy and dude. Flour. Water. Salt. Yeast. No worries about what we are eating. We cooked at least 5 meals and were good for one of the 2 we didn’t make. I ate like a lb of brussel sprouts. Despite the lethargy of the weekend I didn’t put on any weight. I really do think the house is good for us.

To wit: We have a daily fascination. We have a deck that runs the entire back of our house and some overgrown shrubs that are now 8 feet tall and their tops are level with the floor of our deck. In one of those shrubs, a bird has made a nest and laid eggs. We can check on her from inside the house and do almost daily.

Pretty sure she’s a cardinal. Can you see her? Count two deck pickets from the left and then look about an inch up from the bottom of the railing. She’s got a red beak. That picture was taken through the glass door because if you open the door or walk down the deck towards her, she flies away.

I found out one day when I tried to creep up on her. Those are her three little eggs that she sits on. She’s been sitting on those eggs for… 3 weeks? I wonder how long eggs take to hatch. I can’t wait until there are baby birds there. Bear worries and frets about Momma Bird not having enough food, so we’ve been trying to keep the feeder full despite the crows that keep gobbling down the seed.

(for Linda: the title is from And Then You by Greg Laswell. Because you don’t. The “I’ve been a romantic for years” story probably made my whole week, not just today.)