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May 2010
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Not an engineer for nothing.

We inherited some gorgeous and old peony plants when we bought our house. The one in the back is so large and crowded that the plants fall to the ground.

I realized this weekend I needed to fix this, but pretty metal stakes with the loops at the top are expensive! So I thought and thought about what to do to get the flowers off the ground.

Twisty ties are too short. String will cut into the stems. Anything else costs money. Then BAM: ribbon is as long as you need it and the wideness prevents it from being sharp on the plant.

Yesterday I was at home and thought to tie up the plant. Except I don’t have any ribbon. I wandered around the house. Cut a pair of jeans to make shorts. Did some errands. Wandered around some more looking for nonexistent ribbon some more. Finally thought… I bet I can cut up something else to make ribbon!

So I took the jean legs from earlier and drew a spiral down the leg. Then I started cutting along the line.

RIBBON! (Well, not really, but good enough for government work.)

The next part of this process was to find a stick I could use to hold the plant upright. Even if I tied the whole plant, I didn’t want it to be TIGHT, I just wanted the plant gathered loosely. But most of the stems were leaning towards the northeast (in the first picture, see how most of the stems are leaning towards the photographer?). That meant the whole plant would lean to the northeast.

Then I tied the jeans around the base of the stems.

And stuck the stick/stake inside the loop to hold the plant upright!

It’s not as pretty as I imagined it would be (with a pretty pink ribbon to match the peonies), but not bad for a Monday.

I’ve got you to save me

Gilligan Brain forwarded me this blog post about routines that lead to happiness. And that got me thinking. I have a few routines that are either every day or every week that make me really happy. Not surprisingly, they involve Brain, Bear and Carl. Every day when Bear gets out of the car, we tell each other we love each other and to have a good day and we do a quick kiss. Sometimes I grab a second one. Every day when we get home, we hug after we get inside the house. Before we change or start dinner or do anything except put down our stuff, we hug. Sometimes Bear drapes himself on me or … well… bear hugs me. Sometimes I stick myself to him and don’t let go for a long while. But always a hug. Every day almost without fail, Brain and I gchat. Almost every day we ask each other how the other is doing and exchange I love yous. Almost every week, one day on his drive home, Carl calls me to catch up. I always tell him I love him. He always rushes and says it back.

Something else I realized: I missed my long commutes after Bear and I moved into an apartment. Weird huh? But I would come up with my blog posts or I’d make up stories to entertain myself or it was prime catching up with Bear time. Then it was gone and I never gave myself that time when I was at home. Then we moved into the house and our commute varies from 30 mins to an hour or an hour and a half if something is very wrong. And for a few months now, I’ve been upset when I’m commuting. It hit me last week that I MISSED THIS TIME. Why was I upset about getting it back?? And since then, I haven’t been. I’ve been blogging again. I’ve been dreaming again. It’s great. I still wish the traffic wasn’t so variable. I hate not knowing how long it’s going to take any one day to get to work or to get home, but one day I’ll figure it out. I already know, rain is bad. Cloudy or cold days are good. Sunny gorgeous warm days after a period of cold is bad. Friday from 3:00 until 6:00 is disgusting. :)

(Brain, song is “Yer So Bad” by Tom Petty)

always got time for new friends

Yesterday (and the glow is filtering into today too) was a great day. For two weeks I’ve been flirting with the guards for my parking lot because I kept forgetting to get my pass. BUT yesterday I went and got it! *does a little dance* I like the guards for our parking but I’m glad it’s over.

Then the freeway was PACKED and had horrible traffic and we were more than 15 minutes late to my appointment. Bear was a sweetheart who waited for me while I was with the doctor.

I went to get my eyes checked and get contacts and new glasses!!! Because Bear was waiting, while we were waiting for my eyes to dilate, Bear picked out some rimless frames for me. Mr Dr thinks there are some contacts that will work with the astigmatism and farsightedness I’ve got in my right eye. He’s the kind of Dr that tells you shit instead of just saying, well, this is your prescription and here’s your options. He explained why my options were limited and figured out why I’d had trouble with contacts in the past and why I hate my current glasses more than usual. He adjusted my prescription back to what it was about five years ago and said that even if we can’t get the contacts to work out that the glasses shouldn’t be as irritating.

Then we went home. Getting your eyes dilated is trippy. You think you can see, and you can, but it’s a bitch to focus. But I could drive home. We were really close. So its still sunny and about 80 degrees at 7pm, so we break out the brand new lawnmower (that runs on PROPANE, I can’t tell you how much shit Bear has gotten for that). Bear proceeds to mow the lawn that is about 4 weeks overgrown. I hung out and weeded and pruned as best as I could what with the whole not being able to focus. The lawnmower stalled out a few times with the super high grass. At one point I asked him if he wanted a break and I’d mow for a bit. He responded that mowing was a man’s job. I didn’t really want to mow so I told him sure, it absolutely was and he looked very manly. I started to walk away and he starts sputtering behind me. He should know better. After 9 years together, I don’t fall for much of his bs.

Then we got dinner, watched about half of Legion and passed out. Tomorrow we have the neighborhood get together and we’ve gotta get the raised beds for my tomatoes because they were shipped on Wednesday and should get here today or tomorrow. Sunday we think we might rearrange the furniture around the house to try something out.

(Gilligan, song is Very Busy People by The Limousines. The whole line is “We are very busy people but we’ve always got time for new friends”.)

straight into my brain, goddamn, did you mean to do that to me

I was walking to get something to eat and this kid that I spent hours talking to yesterday walked right past me without seeing me. I smiled to myself.

It reminded me of talking to Gilligan yesterday. We were talking about how you can rec someone a book or link them to a song and then later they come back to you all excited about whatever it was you told them they’d enjoy. You say something like “You finally got a chance to check it out?” Then they look at you blankly and tell you their best friend just gave it to them. Gilligan did that to me. I had to go into gchat history to pull out where I REALLY DID GIVE HER THAT SONG MONTHS before her SO did.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. I remember when I first figured out that telling someone I was sorry for something didn’t make them feel better AT ALL, just me. That if I wanted THEM to feel better, I just had to make it about them or answer their needs.

I told Gilligan that it’s about having a healthy ego. Maybe its more about just knowing how big your space is and when shit has to do with someone else and isn’t about you at all. It’s just being able to say “Y’all are fucking retarded. I’ll just be over here.”

(Linda, Gilligan, song is In My Teeth by Manchester Orchestra. I would love to think that why I picked it is pretty obvious?)