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May 2010
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World hanging upside down

I hate when I don’t keep up with this site. I mean, it would have been nice if I’d written about a friend of Bear’s and his wife and kid coming over. Bear’s friend, we’ll call him Cooper, because Linda said so. We’ll call his wife Olive and the kid is The Kid. I’m in love with The Kid. I feel like I should have warned Cooper and Olive that I’d fall in love with their kid, but since I knew I’d be able to control it, I didn’t bother.

Well, so they came over and Coop took Bear outside and they demolished our yard. It looks a million times better and as soon as Bear gets to play with his lawnmower and mows, it’ll look awesome. He doesn’t think so, but he can’t picture what it USED to look like and compare them in his head. Also, he’s a pessimist, but we all knew that, so it’s not like it’s a surprise.

I’m chatting with Linda as I write this and I just realized, I really wish I could retroactively go back and name her. Of course, off the top of my head there’s a million things I could call her on this blog, Brain and Gilligan are my favorites right now though. I’d be happy to be Pinky.

Ok, now that I got that off. Um. Yeah. I had a great time having Coop and the family over. I’ve never seen a kid have so much fun with a washing machine. I really never would have imagined that a basement could be like the greatest toy ever, but I can’t tell you how very COOL it was when seen through The Kid’s eyes. It really was. hours. of. entertainment. Bear, very appropriately, cooked salmon. Olive’s a vegetarian/pescatarian. Food was kinda a topic along with trees and our basement.

So I was gonna write about something boring I think, but remembering how much fun the weekend was and how much we love our fucking house and the fact that we have a neighborhood “get-together” this weekend at a neighbor’s house, I think this is just gonna be another entry stating how fucking much we love our house. I mean, I can’t imagine the apartment ever would have entertained a 3 yr old. Hell, the house needs it’s own name if it’s gonna go out of it’s way like that.

(for Linda: title is from The Cave by Mumford & Sons)