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May 2010
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straight into my brain, goddamn, did you mean to do that to me

I was walking to get something to eat and this kid that I spent hours talking to yesterday walked right past me without seeing me. I smiled to myself.

It reminded me of talking to Gilligan yesterday. We were talking about how you can rec someone a book or link them to a song and then later they come back to you all excited about whatever it was you told them they’d enjoy. You say something like “You finally got a chance to check it out?” Then they look at you blankly and tell you their best friend just gave it to them. Gilligan did that to me. I had to go into gchat history to pull out where I REALLY DID GIVE HER THAT SONG MONTHS before her SO did.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. I remember when I first figured out that telling someone I was sorry for something didn’t make them feel better AT ALL, just me. That if I wanted THEM to feel better, I just had to make it about them or answer their needs.

I told Gilligan that it’s about having a healthy ego. Maybe its more about just knowing how big your space is and when shit has to do with someone else and isn’t about you at all. It’s just being able to say “Y’all are fucking retarded. I’ll just be over here.”

(Linda, Gilligan, song is In My Teeth by Manchester Orchestra. I would love to think that why I picked it is pretty obvious?)