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June 2010
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you’re the reason i love losing sleep

Bear hasn’t been sleeping well, which means that I’ve been not sleeping so great and guzzling coffee for a week straight. But it’s about to be all over finally. Yesterday at 12:30, after the Celtics lost, I gave him a beautiful haircut. Then today at noon we left work, got him nice clothes and the rented tux at Mens Wearhouse (dropping more money than I wanted), got dressed, put on our faces (well, more like Bear napped and I got dressed and put on my face) and then went to the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. This is for the first wedding ceremony. Which is tomorrow. Which means we get to wake up and do it all over again, except for real this time. Then we get to wake up even earlier on Sunday (by about 5 hours) and have a completely different ceremony, but still requiring being dressed up and tucked in and pressed and coiffed and face painted.

I do have to say, the majority of the people we met were amazingly gracious and friendly and kind and welcoming. The bride and groom are bundles of nerves and are sure to be glowing tomorrow. The parents of both seem to be lighter in their pockets and strung out, but are sure to be thrilled tomorrow and Sunday. The church is beautiful. The vows come from their hearts. I’m not entirely sure what Sunday entails, but everyone seems excited and is looking forward to that ceremony more than tomorrow’s. The rehearsal today had the normal and wanted hiccups. The dinner was plentiful, tasty, and devoured. The bridal party and intimates have all bonded and shared stories. On a personal note, I love the groom’s dad. He’s my people. I told him about an article I read last night because it turns out he is such a geek. It’s a beautiful thing. Actually, there were a lot of Bear’s and my people at this shindig. Geeky families.

There are few people in the world though that I would go to this effort and spend this kind of money. Bear’s bestie is one of them. It cracks me up to call him a bestie, so I think that shall be his blog name. Bestie and his beautiful wife to be are not quite like Gilligan to Bear and I, but we care about them deeply and are happy to witness their joining, twice over. Bear is honored and anxious over being asked to be part of their joining, again twice over. Here’s hoping and praying we don’t get rained out on Sunday.

(Hey Gilligan, I know I just told you about this blog title, but in case you want to see it again, it’s from Manchester Orchestra’s “Colly Strings”)