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August 2010
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“More pylons required” lacks flair

Last week Bear and I were basking in the glow of having actually improved our house and having hired a really great person to take on that improvement. At one point I said to Bear, “Upgrade complete!” and he didn’t say anything but I figured oh well. Then later that night we were laying in bed and he said something again about how great it was to have this done and I again (because it’s all I can think) repeat “Upgrade Complete!” This time he either hears me or gets it because he cracks up. Then we have a discussion about how SC/SC2 applies to real life before falling asleep.

A birthday party with 15 kids and 1 adult: “Spawn more overlords.”

Right after we had that “Upgrade Complete” notification we got the “Mineral field depleted.” message.

Now we want to upgrade the gutters: “Need more minerals.”

When we are hungry and the fridge only has mayo? “More Vespene gas is required.”

Bear commented that his company seems to keep getting the “Spawn more Overlords.” notification despite the fact that their army is weak.

The next time my little cousins attack me en masse? “Your base is under attack.”

Instead of saying, “Ready to go.” it should be “In the rear with the gear.”

My favorite Bear conversations always tend to be as we are laying in bed falling asleep or when we are waking up and getting ready to go in the morning.

Upgrade Complete.

day4boiler (5)

(Linda, if the BF plays SC/SC2 without headphones on around you, then you should totally get where the title comes from. If you don’t, then he’s doing it wrong.)

never really needed it anyway

You expect when have a home that you’ll have to upgrade and repair and replace. Homes, like anything, need upkeep. When you buy a home even, you might expect that it needs painting or washing or fixing. Sometimes it needs extensive repair. When we bought our home a few months ago, we knew the old oil burner and tank were original to the house. Some people told us that maybe the …. burning thing inside might have been replaced, which would have kept our efficiency around 60% instead of 50% or 40%. We had long discussions about whether it was worth changing out. We had spreadsheets. We froze a little bit trying to keep the boiler from drinking oil. We were only here for about 2 months of the winter and thankfully it warmed up easily for New England because we still filled up that tank 3 times. It’s a slightly smaller tank than our apartment had and our new house is less drafty than our apartment, but we have ptsd with high oil bills and a cold house. When spring rolled around, we were determined to replace our heating system. Now the question was, what fuel? We went back to our spreadsheets and Bear started calling. We had people come to the house, one of whom was an energy efficiency person. (That was actually a cool visit; we got about 20 free lightbulbs.)


Yesterday, ^ that ^ happened. The picture actually makes the new boiler look bigger than the old one, but trust me, it’s not. It’s also a ton lighter. The new boiler only has about 5 gallons of water in it (I think?) and the old about 15 (the plumber’s best estimate). (Bear will correct me if I’m wrong. That new boiler is his baby. Lots and lots of research went into selecting it.)


There, that shows the size difference a lot better. So we’ve got three plumbers in our house during the day working on piping and installation and rearranging gas and water lines. They were actually researched pretty heavily too. Bear takes his new house seriously. It’s just making this week feel kinda long. Every day that the plumbers come means getting up early to make coffee and play musical cars. Yesterday was bringing in the boiler and setting it up. Today is getting the permit and doing most of the piping. Thursday is getting the new tanks. Friday is inspection and finishing up. Assuming everything goes according to schedule. These guys seems to be a lot better at planning out work than I ever am.

keep on coming home

This post is for Linda, who didn’t believe that fall was dramatic. I’m determined to show her fall through my eyes. This is just the beginning.

signsoffall10 (6)

I realized the other day that our foliage is already changing. Every day more oak leaves turn yellow and orange.


The burning bush leaves turn hot pink. We didn’t even have flowers this color in the spring.


The tomatoes are all ripening up and adding splashes of orangey red. Unfortunately, they don’t last very long before they get eaten. The few tomatoes that I’ve gotten this season have been very tasty.

(Gilligan, the title is from a song. I have NO clue which one. Pandora and my memory suck that way.)