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August 2010
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when morning came

I’ve had 5 hours of sleep and I really want the world to stay dark and rainy. I understand that I can’t control the weather but I would really love it if I could just for today. I do wonder at myself and the correlation between too little sleep and wanting dark and stormy weather.

The pictures I have were clearly not taken today as they are bright and shiny. Kinda makes me wish I wasn’t posting them, but it took me almost 3 years to create these stupidly simple things and I’m determined that it shouldn’t take more than week for me to actually post them.

These are the poster children following through on your promises no matter how long it takes you. When I started these leggings the little girls they were supposed to be for were ohhh 3 and 5. They are now 6 and 8. The younger of the two did try on the blue leggings at Christmas… 8 months ago. And they did fit her. Granted 8 months is forever for a 6 year old and she’s probably shot up like a tree that just hit an unlimited supply of water. The good thing is that I did plan this a little bit. The red leggings are bigger and there is a third sister that is now 3. Soooooo I actually made the leggings for a 3/4 year old and a 5/6 year old… just the oldest is now out in the cold. Since these are for ice skating, I mean that almost literally.

Lets give them names. I don’t think I’ve talked about these girls before on the blog. They don’t tend to feature so much. From eldest to youngest, Pippi, Lucy, and The General. You’ve never seen a sweeter bunch of sisters. They’ve got a new baby brother that’s got to be throwing their family into chaos. I don’t know him so well yet. I’m kind of sad about it, but that’s the price for the choices I’ve made. I’m good with it.

So, I think what I’m planning is to talk their parents into letting me know what Pippi’s new ice skating outfit looks like and making her legwarmers too. She shouldn’t be left out. I really shouldn’t have taken over 2.5 years to do this. Just sad.

Oh, weird thing I found out? They pull the legwarmers up to their hips, like they are pants almost. I’ve always seen them worn from the knees or mid thighs down. I thought that was kinda interesting and funny.

(Linda, song title is from The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine)

aside the lions and the ladies

I had the most fucked up dream last night. I couldn’t fall asleep and I couldn’t fall asleep and I freaked myself out thinking someone had broken into our house. Nevermind that I sleep just fine on the nights that we leave windows open. Finally I fell asleep and I started dreaming. I would swear to you that I had this dream going on for hours. I don’t give a shit what people say about not being able to have a dream that is connected for most of the night. I do it.

So I starts off that I’m driving through mountains to visit this tiny town that lives in a isolated valley. It sounds like a bad movie script. I get there and I’m staying with these people and I’m supposed to be learning from them? It feels like I was learning spinning but I distinctly remember competitions and computer stuff and games.

Someone’s board broke and we had to replace it before we could continue. There were pieces that weren’t competition and we just learned from them. At our terminals. Clearly my brain is crazy. But this is how the dream went. And I had a partner there. He wasn’t Bear and he wasn’t Carl. I didn’t travel there with him? I don’t know. But I remember at one point he stayed out of a leg of the competition and it was a big concern.

Eventually the whole town needed to travel to another place. I remember this felt like some kind of an emergency? So we are all walking and the partner dude gets stuck to the side of a hill.

Like, the ground comes up and traps him. And it starts raining? And water shoots out of the ground? I think this was the emergency. So anyways I’m really concerned about getting the partner out of the ground and the rest of the tribe is thinking they’ll send this one guy. He’s the most…good? person from the village. Because inherent goodness defeats ground that can swallow and trap people. Right. So he goes to free my partner dude and he gets thrown to the ground… by the ground? I dunno. It was bad. The village people freak out that my partner is one of the evil things. And I start creeping along the side of the hill to try and free him myself because I don’t want to tell the village people how I know he isn’t evil. But water starts falling on just me and the village people notice and I have to explain that I know he isn’t evil.

So apparently a couple hundred years ago, there weren’t people running around. There were just these creatures:

(That’s a depiction of Tiamat.)

And there was one black one and he was evil and a bunch of white ones and they were good and then there were a ton that didn’t know what they were. So this one white one battles the black one and swaps their heads thus defeating the evil. Or incorporating it into herself and forcing the goodness from her head into the evil. So whatever. Not defeated, just spread and shared. And that’s me and the partner dude. We hatched out of the creatures with the swapped heads and have been just fine ever since. No ramages of evil or random miracles coming out of asses. We are sometimes together and sometimes not.

So I’m explaining all of this to the village people. It was more that I was told them who we were. They already knew the story? That’s when the partner bursts out of his earth cage.

And I woke up. And all day today I’ve been grouchy and it feels like something is pushing into my left eye. Some days I’m pretty sure I’m kinda crazy.

(Linda, title is from The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine)

blankets on the beach

I’m cranky and the AC is off at work and my tomatoes have septoria leaf spot which is a fungus that gets on the leaves and then eventually kills them, which in turn eventually kills the plant. My husband has the sads. My cookies ended up salty. (The cookie equivalent of chocolate covered pretzels. Not what I was going for even if they aren’t inedible.) The weather is turning hot and humid.

SO! Time to look at all the pretty handspun yarn that I’ve got sitting in my house. Momma did a photoshoot for me before she left. I just spent about an hour trying to make the colors less eyesearing or trying to get the details back into the yarn (some of the photos were taken in direct sunlight).

WARNING: Lots of pictures follow.

(Believe it or not, I actually made this last one LESS eye searing. Red is hard to photograph yo.)

Little story. For a while almost all of the above yarns were “lost”. I could not for the life of me find where they might be in the new house. Momma found them when she got here. She doesn’t even live with me anymore and she still finds things when I lose them. She’s a talented momma. I actually was getting panicky that I had lost them for good. When I found them, my chest actually loosened a bit. It makes me wonder if I could actually sell ‘em.

(Linda, title is from the same song as yesterday. I’m in a rut. I liked the idea of these yarns being my blankets on some irritating sand. Also, the AC just kicked back on in our lab. I’m taking it as a sign. The yarn is good luck.)

these things take forever

I got a present from my mommy. When she came up to visit me. Well she was here for a month, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she saw me drooling over other wheels. So anyways, my plan was to get it for my birthday. That gave me time to save up and then Bear and I could get it. She’s not the most pricey wheel, but she wasn’t cheap by any stretch. But mom and I went to go try out some wheels because I wanted to make sure I liked her and I just… I loved her. So mom gave me the money and now I’ve got her.

Isn’t she beeeeeautiful? There was debate over whether she should be in the clear wood or the walnut. I think the walnut was a good choice.

I started spinning on her on Saturday morning. She came on Friday and I got her put together. Then I cleaned up. Then I started oiling her. And oiling her. And oiling her. And after oiling her some more, she started gliding along. I was so excited to not only have her, but to have her just making her “shh shh shh” sound as she worked.

I spun up a little over 2 oz of this over the weekend. The picture is a little hard to take because of all the silk in there. I couldn’t use the flash and even without the flash, the shininess of the silk takes over a bit. There’s pinky red and plum colored merino and white silk. I think it’s a 50/50 split between the merino and silk. I popped The Big Bang Theory into the dvd player (Bear has never seen it and I’ve only seen a few episodes). We watched all of season 1 and about half of season 2. I just kept spinning.

Bear was kinda cute. He’d never seen the show before and it was a treat for him. I think I upset him when I said he’s kinda like Sheldon though. But he IS. Sheldon’s my favorite too. I’m not saying he IS Sheldon. Bear is balanced and a real human being and not a collection of ticks collected together and stitched for a sitcom. But Bear does share some very adorable similarities.

(Linda, the title is from “First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Super super sweet song, but probably not for you.)