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November 2010
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do the twist

I am so so so happy that NaMoBloPo is done. I’m sooooo happy that Linda asked me to do it with her. Next time I’m turning her down.

I’m a little worn out from catching all the random ideas and theories and thoughts that pass through my head and creating blog posts out of them. Sometimes it’s a bit much to not only live your life, but then try and turn it into a textual representation for public consumption. I’ll try to not be completely absent from the blog next month.

something’s gotta give

I had my family visiting and it was wonderful. I just put them on the plane a little while ago. Now I’m tired and sad and I’m going to go try and work it all out. I really meant to find a song and post it today, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Tomorrow’s blog is gonna be short too. I feel sad that this month is going out on a whimper, but November usually does for me. I hope Cyber Monday treated you well and gently.

i’ll cry if i want to

It’s my birthday. No blog. Y’all have a good weekend.

best one of the year

Two of my family are visiting and have completely changed the house for Bear and I (so much better). Our TV and couch and garage and tool organization and washer and dryer and our networking (TV and internet). They’ve all been improved or moved or fixed. It’s stunning. Our neighbors completely transformed our front and back yards. All of this since Wednesday. We’ve been having a blast and are loving the changes.

Bear has been cooking for us and it’s all been amazingly good. Succulent meats and smooth starches and balancing vegetables and accents (is cranberry sauce an accent? I think so) have had us all very happy when we aren’t working and freezing.

We’ve still got a ways to go, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.