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November 2010
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trust you love me too

So I had this big post planned for today. Except that yesterday I got 5 hours of sleep and it’s gray and raining. Basically all I want to do is either watch Sherlock and spin or curl up with Bear and a million blankets and read. I have gorgeous fiber and books to assist me in either activity. I have a ton of work to do.

All of this means that the big post is gonna have to wait. Maybe for next Tuesday. Especially since the feet post didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. I’m feeling kinda frustrated with myself for that.

I often have ideas of how things are supposed to turn out in my head. Then when it comes time for me to create them, they never do work so great. I’ll lay in bed and the words are AWESOME, but I get to the computer and I can’t remember the order they went. I can’t remember the crucial bits. Sometimes I work really hard and it almost comes back as good.

This happens with my code (work) and spinning/knitting too. It’s always better in my head. Things have an extra dimension of possibility before they take form that makes them better than reality.

The relief from this? The things that aren’t directly formed from my imagination are always better than I expected. Relationships and happenstance always treat me better than I could imagine. So in the grand scheme of things I’m pretty content. I’d always rather my frustration come from giving birth to my imagination than from the people in my life (including myself) being unhappy.