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November 2010
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try to never give up

  1. for the two dogwoods that exist on our property
  2. that bear started talkin in his sleep about 3 months ago (really cute)
  3. that my bff likes chatting on IM and sending me emails
  4. for google docs
  5. that my brother MUST be working on communication because he’s called me on my shit twice recently
  6. that my brother loves me enough to call me at least a few times a week
  7. that when i say i’m reading, a lot of people actually say, “oh. i’ll talk to you later then.” even though i haven’t been crazy about my reading time since I was a kid
  8. for every single moment bear and i have in our home
  9. for our supported netflix account
  10. that bear never even question my laptop habit
  11. that i was born a woman
  12. that my brother is really really different from me
  13. for every book i’ve ever read
  14. that my husband adores me enough and indulges me enough to FIND anime that actually suits my (very very different from his) taste
  15. that my momma is a bit crazy
  16. that my momma is still actually mostly sane
  17. that my momma always loved hugging us and snuggling us and holding our hands when we were kids (we still get lots and lots of hugs)
  18. that my brother always goes “yeah yeah i love you too” when i tell him i love him
  19. that bear likes to give me a huge hug right when we get home
  20. that all the people in my life are generally pretty good at telling me when i’m being too pushy without trying to change me or let me walk all over them. i try to be strong enough to watch their boundaries for them, but they don’t make me feel abusive when i forget
  21. for the internet, with or without google, reddit, twitter or IM
  22. that i do have IM, google, reddit and twitter
  23. that i was born in a conservative state
  24. that i no longer have to live in that crazy ass conservative state
  25. that i’ve been so blessed that i managed to list 75 things i’m grateful for without even trying very hard