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November 2010
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  1. that linda gave me a quote by Ira Glass
  2. that I was born into the clan
  3. that my dad did visit my new house
  4. that my mom was able to stay with bear and i for a full month
  5. that bear is an awesome cook
  6. to whomever read a terrible romance novel from the 80s and left it lying around the house for me to find when I was 11 (really really really really thankful)
  7. to NASA for calling my high school and offering to fund a FIRST team
  8. the time that bear sat me down after his mom visited and pointed out a few things i’d said that were disrespectful to him or our relationship and how that made him feel
  9. all the times bear has emphasized his respect for me and the people in his life, including the people that i’ve brought into his life
  10. that sometimes people take care of themselves
  11. that bear always surprises me
  12. that linda always surprises me
  13. that my brother still surprises me
  14. that we are all capable of growth
  15. that we all forgive each other for the screwups
  16. that we are so good at cheerleading each other from near and far away
  17. for the company when I found out about HB Asp
  18. my ebook reader
  19. true coincidences
  20. when linda and i discover something and find out that everyone else in the world already knows about it
  21. for neighbors who have fun getting their kabota stuck in your backyard
  22. for neighbors with broken hearts who are willing to sell them to you
  23. for mommas who don’t really surprise you anymore, but are still mommas
  24. for a fight with a girl over something stupid, because that girl ended up the bestest friend i could ask for
  25. for virtual and real cuddles. all cuddles deserve to be on this list.