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December 2010
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Pajamas for the win

I love working from home. But strangely it doesn’t look all that different from working at work. I don’t have a blanket, but I do have one of Bear’s huge fleece sweatshirts. I sometimes don’t have coffee because I don’t always wake up early enough to make coffee. I don’t have two linked monitors, but that day is coming. Sadly, they might never match what I have at home. Bear spoils us technologically. I usually have tea instead of water at work (weirdly I have almost all my tea at work and almost none at home). I have a bigger desk at work! I always have Linda and TAL. I EVEN keep my knitting on my desk at work. But the advantage of home? The killer thing about working at home? I’m still in my jammies. :)


Apparently I can’t resist. I’m totally the monkey see to Linda’s monkey do. She was talking to me about #reverb10 and the first prompt. The first prompt is to pick a word that exemplifies 2010. I’m not going to do #reverb10, but I do want to write up a summary of 2010 for New Years like I did in 2008. That prompt made me think about what was the theme of 2010.


We moved homes, we’ve moved furniture many many times. We’ve moved our things, trying to find places for them in the new house. We move further every day, traveling back and forth to work than we have in a long time. We’ve walked more, around the house, the yard, the street. We’ve moved a lot in our heads. A lot of our associations and connections to things and people and places. You can call it change, but to me change is an internal thing. This is very much a physical and mental exercise. It’s had emotional ripples to be sure, and there have been changes and adaptations that result from our movement, but the core of this year, to me, has been moving.