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February 2011
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something that you’ll really love

Apparently Thursdays and Tuesdays make good posting days?

So I’ve been knitting a bunch and not just for other people.

Convertible mittens for Superwoman


Superwoman and her gang moved to the middle of the country and thus warmer items for them will probably show up a lot more on the blog. According to her husband they’ve worn out many pairs of mittens already too. This yarn is really soft (I found out they were having issues after I’d ordered the yarn), so I’m going on a mission to make harder wearing mittens too.

Coal for me (Must Have Cardigan from Paton’s Street Smart)


I have twice before now tried knitting a sweater for myself, but I think the third time might be the charm. I am LOVING knitting these cables and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit (probably on the too big size but finishing is the goal). I was using bigger needles and I got about this far and realized that this was going to be ENTIRELY too large and even worse that I didn’t like the fabric. I should probably go down another needle size, but this fabric is fine and I think I would have to shoot myself if I had to reknit this portion of the back AGAIN. Hell, I even made a mistake and it is VERY obvious in this picture but I am going to live with it and I’ll LIKE IT.

(Linda, lyrics are from Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols. I heard it this morning on the radio and I have earworm now.)

better run from my gun

I’m in need of soothing, so here’s some pretty from Valentine’s Day:

from me: Child’s Play

from my mom: Prism, U-Pick, Roller Skate, Dolly

I actually have two each of the yarns in the last picture. My mom wanted me to knit warm socks for my feet. I have big feet, so each foot needs it’s own ball/skein of yarn.

(Linda, title is inspired by the crappy day and Foster The People’s “Pumped up Kicks”)

awww hicky yaw that boy is raw

I think everyone likes it better when I talk about the shit Bear says rather than the spirals that trap my thoughts. So this morning I could not go to school one. more. day. with my hair in a bun. So I burst into the bathroom while Bear was in there and he squeaks. It was adorable. Normally we are very respective of each other’s morning bathroom times.

“Will you hold the shower head so I can wet my hair?”


“Gah. Fine. I’ll go to the other bathroom.” I pick up my hair goop bottle and start to run back out. Wait. “It’ll be faster if you hold the showerhead and wet my hair!”

He grabs the showerhead and actually is really sweet about making sure it doesn’t soak the neck of my tshirt (this is a big problem when I’m doing this myself actually). Right as he’s hanging up the showerhead and heading out he says “I held your hair and you didn’t even have to drink.”

“What? You didn’t hold my hair? Drink?” For some reason I keep thinking of holding a hose so that you can drink out of it. Did anyone else do that as a kid? You were running around outside and got thirsty so you drank from the garden hose?

Bear starts laughing at me out in the bedroom where he’s dressing.

I’m toweling my hair when it hits me. “ooooooooohhhh.”

He laugh again. “Ten minutes later and it finally hits you.”

I think his little analogy or whatever is just that much of stretch.

(Brain, the title is from Kanye’s School Spirit. Some people have the lyrics as “oh hecky naw” I disagree but to each their own.)

like the author ran out of ink

I woke up yesterday to a world that had gone white and silent. The snow was wet, sticky, blanketing. The world was clean.

It felt soft, hidden, quiet. This week has been hard and loud and harsh. It felt like nature was giving what it could to ease that.

(Gilligan, the title is from “A Captive Audience” by The Velvet Teen. The full line is “make it go away like it never happened, like the author ran out of ink before you got to me”. I think it fits the sentiment of this week and the b&w pictures, yes?)