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February 2011
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something that you’ll really love

Apparently Thursdays and Tuesdays make good posting days?

So I’ve been knitting a bunch and not just for other people.

Convertible mittens for Superwoman


Superwoman and her gang moved to the middle of the country and thus warmer items for them will probably show up a lot more on the blog. According to her husband they’ve worn out many pairs of mittens already too. This yarn is really soft (I found out they were having issues after I’d ordered the yarn), so I’m going on a mission to make harder wearing mittens too.

Coal for me (Must Have Cardigan from Paton’s Street Smart)


I have twice before now tried knitting a sweater for myself, but I think the third time might be the charm. I am LOVING knitting these cables and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit (probably on the too big size but finishing is the goal). I was using bigger needles and I got about this far and realized that this was going to be ENTIRELY too large and even worse that I didn’t like the fabric. I should probably go down another needle size, but this fabric is fine and I think I would have to shoot myself if I had to reknit this portion of the back AGAIN. Hell, I even made a mistake and it is VERY obvious in this picture but I am going to live with it and I’ll LIKE IT.

(Linda, lyrics are from Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols. I heard it this morning on the radio and I have earworm now.)