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August 2011
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Play among the stars

So our Sunday ended up being fun. I woke up at 8am and discovered Bear had been tinkering in the basement.


Bear has been DYING for an amplifier for these speakers he picked up from a hoarder’s house. Apparently on Saturday night he got impatient and decided to try making his own.

We had the roofer come by at 10 (he showed up at 9:40 before I had a chance to wake Bear up). We then signed paperwork and gave him a pretty hefty check. We’ll get shingles and a dumpthingy on the 26th. We’ll get a new roof, new gutters, and ventilation for the roof on the 27th.

Once he left, I started cooking. Mr and possibly Mrs Cranberry were coming over.

The recipe for this meal is from Smitten Kitchen. It’s fantastic. I would have preferred the barley instead of pearl cous cous, but Bear would only eat it if I made the substitution.

Bear’s friend Mr Cranberry showed up, sans Mrs Cranberry. I gather she’s busy trying to finish up her PhD. Bear and Mr Cranberry played video games and chatted and watched youtube and anime snippets for hours. Just before Mr Cranberry left, I baked cookies.

It was a pretty fantastic weekend.

This coming weekend we are headed over to a friends for a “meat extravaganza”. Considering one of the hosts is a pescetarian, it might be a little interesting. Of course we are going though, Bear is excited. Not surprisingly the invite went out from the pescetarian (we know her better), but it was titled as her husband’s and her husband’s bff’s meat extravaganza. I’ve now said and typed meat extravaganza so many times this week that the term has lost any meaning it might initially had.

We’ll see how long Bear and I last.

Keep it upstairs for the grand finale

It’s been a long time since I updated.

Since then:

  • I have missed Gilligan like burning
  • We have eaten over at the neighbors and had the neighbors over manymanytimes
  • I had shishkabobs for the first time in memory. It was excellent. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Right.
  • My mother had her last class ever. WHEEEEEEEEEEE (then she went to Rome with her twin and one of my uncles)
  • My father came to visit. I’m not talking about it.
  • My mother in law came to visit.
  • My aunt in law came to visit
  • My brother in law visited and bought a tshirt and cologne. Each was over $100. I am still in shock
  • My MIL and I had a great trip. I miss her. Not like burning, but still pretty heavily.
  • My MIL and I got manicures and pedicures.
  • My MIL and I went into a creepy looking meat store together. MIL told the cashier? owner? only person in the store? that before walking in, we had worked out a plan to kill them and get away if it turned out they turned their customers into long pig. Thankfully she did this as we were walking OUT. I will never be able to go back.
  • My Aunt in Law, Brother in Law and I had a late night conversation about sexuality that was mostly AIL and I talking about gay sex and shocking Bear and BIL to death. Those boys have such delicate sensibilities. I’m just glad MIL was sleeping. I also learned from AIL that women should be like turtles for their husbands…. I’m not even sure I can explain it. But it has to do with sex. And sea turtles. And variety.
  • MIL made us homemade chicken noodle soup. It was fantastic.
  • We fed the birds and chipmunks and squirrels so my MIL could see the birds when she woke up in the morning. We now have a trap to hopefully kill some squirrels/chipmunks. Hate them, but mostly the chipmunks. I DID NOT BUY THE BIRDSEED FOR YOU. STOP DIGGING UNDER MY PATIO. AND STOP CHITTERING AT ME.
  • We are getting/going to get a new roof.
  • We had an attack of the flies in the house. That was disgusting.
  • My husband has asked “Are you ever going to blog again?”
  • Bear and I looked at (buying?) $2000 speakers that were larger than him.
  • My husband took me to the most disgusting house EVER in search of speakers. ONLY BECAUSE I LOVE HIM THAT MUCH AND MARRIED HIM DID I GO IN THIS HOUSE.
  • I almost died walking down decrepit, filthy, steep stairs carrying 60lb speakers. With flies and mosquitoes EVERYWHERE.
  • I made the only significant progress on my research that I’ve made since… 2009? I don’t know. It feels huge.
(Gilligan, the title is from Blank Slate by The National)