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November 2011
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Total failure

I bummed out on that challenge didn’t I?

Well. It was fun while it lasted and I don’t mind too much that I lost track of it at the end.

To conclude, I’ll leave you with Bear’s funnies from last night:

Bear is shivering under three blankets on cold sheets. I’m shifting them to rub his back. He’s barely gotten any sleep the previous two nights and I desperately want him to get good sleep despite the early hour.

“Emmy, I’m cold.”

“I know. You’ll warm up quick. Just wait a minute.”

“Make them stop?”

“Make who stop?”

“The antimatter. Make them stop.” Bear’s eyes close.

“Antimatter? Stop doing what?”

“Two balls of antimatter…” Bear’s breathing gets heavy.


“…are sucking up all the heat.” Bear snores.

I laugh so hard he wakes up a tiny bit and mumbles at me. I pet his head until he drifts off again.

change of days

Bear gave me the video, which is just ADORABLE. But I love the song too.

Change of Days by Smith’s Cloud

Happy 29th BIRTHDAY

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Actually, tomorrow is my birthday, but my present is that I’m taking today off. Y’all have fun without me.

Cheap yummy soup for winter

Hambone soup: ham, 2 cans of kidney beans, can of corn, 2 potatoes/yams, water/vegetable stock, spices