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November 2011
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A timeline to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming

So last night Bear had to work late. At 9pm, I was going to head over to his office (about 1 mile from my lab) and keep him company. The idea was that we’d probably be there until 11pm.

At 10pm I was still outside his office and getting a little upset because Bear still hadn’t come downstairs or answered his phone. I was sitting in the car and had my book though, so I wasn’t too upset. Finally at 10:15 he finally picked up the phone. He was outside my lab.

According to Bear he wandered around outside his building for 45 minutes before freaking out that something had happened to me and getting a taxi to take him to my lab. Then he wandered around outside my lab, found a security guard who walked him around for a while until I finally got him on the phone. I finally picked him up back at my lab. He had been wandering around outside WITHOUT A JACKET. It was in the high 30s at that time last night. I firmly believe that’s what led to his complete meltdown thinking that I had been accosted between my office and his.

So at 11 (after a detour to the freeway because I was completely discombobulated), we are finally back outside Bear’s office and we head up for him to do his work. At 12:30, I got a little tired. At 1am, I got cranky. At 1:30, Bear sent me to nap on the couch. At 2:30, we finally left.

At 8:30am, Bear got up.

At 9:30am, I turned off the alarm and rolled back over.

At 10am I woke up.

At 11am, I went to the grocery store

At noon, I realized that ALLLL of my coupons expired yesterday.

don’t feed me fish food

I totally forgot about Saturday! I failed NaBloPoMo this year.

This song is fun and energetic. I personally need that going into this week. I hope y’all enjoy.

Techno Fan by The Wombats.

Voracious escape

So I tell people I don’t watch “a lot” of TV. I say this because sometimes, I don’t. If you consider how many hours I spend with motion picture entertainment vs textual entertainment or work, it comes out at the bottom. There are seasons or years where I didn’t really watch anything.

I do watch more television than my father though. He doesn’t own a TV. He doesn’t have a netflix account. He spends part of his year without reliable electricity or internet. So no matter what, when I compare myself to him, I do watch “a lot” of television.

So, since I’m such a voracious consumer of brainless mental escape, here’s the shows that Kevin and I have been watching this fall (all links are wikipedia):

Once Upon a Time
Big Bang Theory (If you want the actual cosmological theory, you gotta google “big bang” apparently)
Top Chef
Booth at the End (Hulu)
Spy (Hulu)

Are you also a consumer of brainless mental escape? Do you also call all visual entertainment/education “shows”? (This drives Bear insane. My documentaries are also “my shows”.) Have you seen any of the shows I’m mentioned?

What is up with my use of quotation marks in this post?

“the frog is more interesting”

These hero posts have been very hard because the last two were so very personal. These last two will be of people that I think are pretty familiar to many people around the world. Today’s is Jim Henson. If you don’t know much about Jim Henson, most of his work is famous: Fraggle Rock (a muppet show about world peace), Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and two of my very favorite movies, The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth.

Jim Henson believed in silliness and laughter and making “shows for everyone”. Much of my childhood was shaped in the very best ways by Jim Henson’s creations. Jim Henson’s wife complained of him being so calm and patient that you sometimes wanted to kick him.

I have this real craving now to watch the Labyrinth again. I love Jareth and Sarah.

But maybe instead I’ll watch this. I hope you will too.