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November 2012
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Nothing of the world

Bear hated the song from 11/12, so let’s see if he likes this better.

“Under the gun” by Electric Guest

Hurricane of frowns

I have more music that I’d like to share than Mondays in the month, so I’m posting this on Saturday! Yay.

Seriously, let me take a minute to talk about how very vital radio/music/news is for me in the morning. A few months ago, my favorite radio station was sold and went online only. Which totally sucked because it coincided with my starting to drive about 3 hours a day. A little bit ago Bear and I caved and bought XM radio for our cars (which were already enabled with XM radios). I hate having to pay for my radio, but holy crap is it a relief to have music again.

“Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities

Best you’ve ever had

Bear and I went to see the new Bond movie almost a week ago and while we both had the same problems with the movie, it was still entertaining. Bear found this infographic about the Bond movies and I thought it was interesting enough to share. I linked to the original in the image as well.


(Rainbow Oreo, I have Artic Monkeys running in my head, so that’s where the title is from.)

Be my luck

This post is purely down to my dearest Rainbow Oreo.

I jerked awake to the alarm clock this morning. I’d been having a nightmare. In it, my aunt? someone was like a detective after a serial killer and we’d just found some of his bodies and one of the skulls had a note in its mouth. The killer was coming after my aunt. We were booby trapping a house (that as like a mashup of my house and the house I grew up in) because we were sure the killer was coming. The traps were made out of metal bits and wet glue. It was really crazy. Right as I woke up, we heard someone creep into the house and we were dialing 911.

I remember a lot of water and wet toxic glue. The bodies had been pulled out of a swamp. It was so awful. Such a creepy dream. Heres hoping for better ones tonight.

(Rainbow Oreo, the lyric is from Capital Cities “Safe & Sound”