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November 2013
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Everything will glow for you

Linda is again doing the blog every day in November challenge and I’m again going to attempt to do it with her. I seriously doubt I’m going to be able to do it every day this month considering I’ve already lost 2 days. Bear and I have been busy selling our house, buying a house that’s under development with a builder, adjusting to an apartment, adjusting to a new city, missing friends. It’s been weird and sad and happy and scary and annoying and boring and joyful and I don’t even know what else to call it all.

Bear has been amazing through this whole process. I think he’s sadder than I am, but he still trucks on. He’s gone to the grocery store himself, helped clean our apartment, goes out and about. He’s gone with me to the lot where they are building our house so many times. Considering Bear’s and my life is so largely centered our home and considering our home right now is the worst we’ve ever had together, I’m not surprised we are so discombobulated. I feel like I’ve been having trouble thinking, moving, sleeping. Here’s hoping that over this next month it gets easier.