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April 2021
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Soon enough for me

Whoever thought it would be fun for Bear and I to buy a house and FURNISH it was fucking insane and I would like them to come here so I can beat them.

But our loan is off for underwriting or some shit and it looks good.

As long as it’s not an oncoming train.

I am sore from climbing around in my eventually-to-be attic. I also had wood in my hair from brushing against the lumber and I was itchy from the fiberglass. I’ve since showered. We have metal crap in our eventually-to-be creek that needs to get cleaned out. This is making us :( but at least we can play and mess around back there and no one is going to get eggs-up eggs-up at us if we put in a tiny bridge for example. I will return to the land of the living eventually, but the husband and house and keeping my advisor for freaking out on me are all taking up the most hugest biggest chunks out of my life currently.

I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called Christmas.

Light is blinding

I think Bear and I are going to buy a house. With good zombie protection. Thankfully homes automatically have vampire protection by virtue of being homes.

I just need to be very very organized and Bear needs to not freak out on me. He’s been very loving and supportive while I take on the frontman role for this operation. It’s kind of like the wedding. I stand in front and he hunkers down behind my back and shoves his shoulder in hard to make sure I don’t get whipped around in the wind.

Also, ya know, he’s the money. My income doesn’t count. For real.

What’s not like the wedding? He’s providing the passion and excitement. I’m providing the worry and caution.

I have a feeling for Operation: House, this is the correct distribution to keep us going. We need the oomf to come from the back. We don’t have as many cheerleaders.

long overdue

I have been studying the pictures on etsy of the handspun yarns that sold. I have come to a conclusion. You need pretty pictures. Closeups. Good lighting. I’ve compared and some of the yarn that has sold is very comparable to the stuff I have sitting in my guest room. I shall get on this!

Times like these when I really really wish Mommy were here. She’d be awesome at figuring out how to take gorgeous pics.

I also found a tool that I think will do my networked backups called Back In Time. Then I spent about a million hours trying to figure out where Nautilus automounts network samba shares. That was a major bitch and a half. It’s in a directory called .gvfs in the home directory. We’ll see how it goes. It’s been doing its thing for well over 2 hours now.