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August 2022
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For the monarch

I didnt post yesterday because I keep thinking, omg, how much whining can I do in a week? Apparently the answer is a lot. I’ve been hanging on twitter and spamming blogs because y’all, today was fucking fantasticly sucky. After Monday and yesterday (which, it was just yesterday, but I spent the ENTIRE day working on something that was FANTASTICALLY SIMPLE BUT I AM AN IDIOT). So that was fun. Today, the homework is due. The homework that I created and am going to grade. I have no finished the solution for the second homework I am supposed to create. So I went in (despite feeling ragged) because I knew there were going to be a ton of questions. There were. I think we got a new question at least once every 15 minutes. Mostly the professor answered them. I also had a kid scoot in to ask me a question right before 4 (which is the end of the time period I told students they could stop by).

All of this would have been fine. I would have worked on my solution and hopefully gotten most of it done and it would have been fine. Wasn’t to be. Because the second of the two homeworks is going to be assigned tonight since all the kiddies are turning in the first one tonight. But I get an email from the prof saying that my third question doesn’t work. There’s only three questions. I kind of stressed myself out of my mind this weekend and Monday putting together these questions and figuring out what these kids were supposed to do. She raises a… possibly not valid question, but I’ve got to answer it. I got to tell her why and I honestly am not sure. I have no CLUE. I twittered “I AM NOT SMART ENOUGH FOR THIS SHIT PEOPLE.” Because I DON’T KNOW. (I’m about to blubber all the tech shit. Ignore the rest of this paragraph.) I don’t know whether the CPI number for the CISC instruction version of this code is valid or even if the tools that we’ve made available will pick up on the difference between the CISC and the RISC implementations. The tools suck, that’s one part. The other part is that even if the ISA differentiates between CISC and RISC, the actual hardware implementation takes those pretty CISC instructions and breaks them down anyways. But I don’t have anything that will give me actual numbers for anything. For execution time, for CPI. Nothing. So whatever. I came up with a way to ask the students! And then I realized that was horrific and I tried to take it back but the professor liked it! *sighs* I’ve been feeling teary since then. And sad. I feel so stupid. Stupid stupid.

I’m tired. I’m cranky. I’m hormonal. I feel so dumb. I feel hideous. I want this week to be over. I want to stop being so self centered. I want to stop being so whiny.

But my friends are going to have a baby!!! I am so excited. Her middle name is going to be Korean for butterfly. They aren’t sure how to spell it yet (Nabee, Nabi, or Nabie). She isn’t even born, but I won’t put her full name on a public blog. If you want to give your vote, email me and I’ll give you the full name.

Rainbows and puppies and kittens

OMG. Let me preface this with the fact that I am not pregnant and as yet have no plans to adopt, foster or become pregnant.

Bear randomly IMed me today to tell me that he has worked out our kid(s) curriculum. Because education in America is sadly lacking. By the time our kid(s) is(are) 9 or 10 they should have a solid high school level education with the things that most school systems don’t include like rhetoric and the arts. There’s three prongs to this plan: 1) reading, writing, rhetoric 2) arts, music and sports and 3) math, science and engineering. My telling him that we’ll both have fulltime jobs and that I have no history of ever teaching or being good at rhetoric or physics were scoffed at.

He is totally thinking this through and somehow foresees no child of his being able to get around him:

Bear: the hard part is getting all the knowledge in
Bear: without ruining the wonder of a child
Emmy: we are going to have to limit the time in front of the tv and computer
Bear: i can probably plan out exactly what they will watch
Bear: and have access to on the computer
Bear: for an extended period of time
Bear: if you think china has a good firewall…

Lemme tell you, I would feel sorry for our kids, except that I’m probably going to be a hardass in a lot of aspects. Bear will probably be the favored parent for all his grandiose ideas. God willing our kids will make us feel like mental midgets and we’ll be so preoccupied with keeping up that all of this will be moot.

Well… assuming we EVER decide to have any. Or even CAN. How does he suck me into these mental daydreams of his?!?

quick hit

On Tuesday, I had this:

handspun baby yarn

Then on Wednesday, I had this:

beginning pea pod hat

Then last night around 11pm:

finished pea pod hat

It was quick and satisfying. I screwed up centering the leaf panel between the decreases, but I adore the pink and blue strips the yarn makes. I’m not sure how well you can see them since on my monitor the pink looks… lost, but in person the hat has definite soft pink and blue stripes. Wednesday night was cool and the merino and silk was calling to me.  Then last night the weather stayed nice and I managed to finish the hat. The yarn was soft and sweet despite the sections where I over spun and over and under plied it. I’ve come a long way though.

Here’s hoping the weather continues.

Wanna see some more pretty stripes?

pretty stripes

And I am still working on the socks, but do you realize how hard it is to photograph detail on red, solid true red, socks? Apparently, it’s a bitch.