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February 2023
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Take this!

Hi, my name is Emmy and I have a tab problem. I have more of a tab problem than I do an email problem. I try very hard to manage my tab problem and every once in a while I manage to defeat it. I will actually CLOSE my browser with no open tabs. I know I am not the only person with this problem. At work my tab problem tends to be complicated by the two areas of interest (my research reading and my fun reading) instead of just the fun reading at home. In the interest of clearing some of my tabs, I’m going to …oops. I’m not sure about the creative whatevers. I was going to post images. Now I’m just linking.

The first came to me via Linda. It’s the merge of a lighting storm and a volcano. Go look. I’ve had this open for AGES.

The second image I found when I looking for pictures for the feet post. I could post this picture because I can source weheartit, but now I’ve got a whole list of links. Something about these feet is very tough and lean and experienced and I love looking at the photo. (Anyone who thinks I have feet issues would be correct. I have been concerned about my feet since I was very very little. It used to drive my mother and grandmother insane.)

The third is an image that an artist created when he was inspired by a book he read. The book is The Name of the Wind and I found the image because I read the author’s (the book author not the image author) blog. It’s staggeringly gorgeous.

The fourth image came through my rss reader. This is a freaking ADORABLE kid. It’s a fashion blog, so I’m sure the cute clothes were meant to be the focus, but jeepers. The cute little sweater! The little cautious grin! The KNEES! The sweat/water slicked hair! GAHHHHH.

Now these things are documented and I can close 4 tabs. Hopefully someone enjoyed. If not, thanks for assisting me in making that small step forward with my problem. It’s a disease really.

(Brain, the title is a reference to Zelda, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” and there’s an internet geek image macro where you put the image of something and subtitle it with the quote.)