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February 2023
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Play among the stars

So our Sunday ended up being fun. I woke up at 8am and discovered Bear had been tinkering in the basement.


Bear has been DYING for an amplifier for these speakers he picked up from a hoarder’s house. Apparently on Saturday night he got impatient and decided to try making his own.

We had the roofer come by at 10 (he showed up at 9:40 before I had a chance to wake Bear up). We then signed paperwork and gave him a pretty hefty check. We’ll get shingles and a dumpthingy on the 26th. We’ll get a new roof, new gutters, and ventilation for the roof on the 27th.

Once he left, I started cooking. Mr and possibly Mrs Cranberry were coming over.

The recipe for this meal is from Smitten Kitchen. It’s fantastic. I would have preferred the barley instead of pearl cous cous, but Bear would only eat it if I made the substitution.

Bear’s friend Mr Cranberry showed up, sans Mrs Cranberry. I gather she’s busy trying to finish up her PhD. Bear and Mr Cranberry played video games and chatted and watched youtube and anime snippets for hours. Just before Mr Cranberry left, I baked cookies.

It was a pretty fantastic weekend.

This coming weekend we are headed over to a friends for a “meat extravaganza”. Considering one of the hosts is a pescetarian, it might be a little interesting. Of course we are going though, Bear is excited. Not surprisingly the invite went out from the pescetarian (we know her better), but it was titled as her husband’s and her husband’s bff’s meat extravaganza. I’ve now said and typed meat extravaganza so many times this week that the term has lost any meaning it might initially had.

We’ll see how long Bear and I last.

Ain’t nothin in this world for free

Bear started talking in his sleep a little while ago. Mostly it’s just mutters that I can’t make out, but this morning was awesome. I am awake way way too early because we didn’t have the AC on and it got really muggy and hot. So after I went around and closed everything up and turned on the AC I went to lay back down. Bear put his hand out and I held it. Then he started giggling. While snoring. I started laughing too and he woke up a little bit and looked at me and smiled and started snoring again. A few minutes later he rolled over to snuggle me and started giggling again. Still while snoring. So I said “whatcha laughing about?” and he said “You said something funny in my dream.” and went right back to snoring.

I tried to fall back asleep. I had gotten halfway there when he says something like “The Indians and the Chinese and [mutter mutter mutter] and they go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [mutter mutter mutter] and the Whites and [mutter mutter mutter] BOOOM”

I cannot tell if he was telling a joke, talking about a war, or just blowing up the whole world in his sleep, but he seemed pretty happy? Of course then I wanted to share and now I won’t get back to sleep. Thank goodness it’s a Sunday and I could theoretically take a nap later.

(Gilligan, I thought the title went with the tag for this post if only in my head. It’s from Cage the Elephant’s Aint No Rest for the Wicked.)

greatest man in the world

Today is Bear’s Birthday. He turns 22 today. ;) I know I haven’t posted lately, but trust me, Bear deserves some serious accolades and cheers. I know I’ve done Bear love posts in the past, but this post isn’t about me. It’s about Bear.

Bear’s life started out kinda tough. If you ever get to meet him, you should totally ask him about his life prior to age 16. He has amazing stories. Some of them might break your heart, but they are all worth hearing. I feel honored that I get to hear them.

Bear has a freakish memory. He can remember a ton of stuff. Sometimes it’s not stuff I would like him to remember, but if you ask him about the first computer to use a floppy disk, he’ll probably be able to tell you about it. If you ask him about the processor that he’s most interested in buying in the next 2 to 3 years, he’ll be able to explain to you in detail why he thinks it’s interesting and what it’s worth. However, he can’t remember where he left his slippers from one hour to the next. Sometimes I think he should have gotten a Ph.D because he would make an awesome absentminded professor.

Bear has freakish senses. He can smell, see, hear, taste and feel things that I swear to you, 99.9% of the population does not have the ability to smell, see, hear, taste or feel.

He has a high pain tolerance, but he’ll start saying ow at the slightest hint of pain. He is not stoic.

Bear is a conundrum. He can be lazy and ambitious in the same moment.

He has the most PECULIAR sense of humor. It isnt dry or crass or any of the normal kinds of humor that you run into. Often I feel bad for him because I am not a good audience for his jokes.

Bear is a serious geek. That freakish memory of his doesn’t just have computer info in it. It also has anime and video game knowledge. (My mom and I made the creatures below after he asked for them. If you know what they are, comment and make his day.)

Bear knows how to cook amazing meals as long as they are only meat and starches. He is trying really hard to get better at cooking vegetables. He cares about our health and he cares about feeding us well.

Bear tries to be a great husband. He is a great husband, but part of that is that he makes those attempts. It makes me feel very special and lucky that I benefit from this.

Bear is a straight arrow. He won’t lie or cheat or steal or take someone else’s credit or betray his sense of right and wrong or take more than he is given for anything.

He is extremely shy. This post is going to embarrass the hell out of him. I can’t wait.

Bear loves his house and spends. countless. hours. trying to think of ways of improving the lawn, roof, curb appeal, decor, furniture.

He likes cuddles.

He hates getting up in the morning.

He is always sweet when I have to wake him up. He sometimes will say “I’m awake” in the middle of a snore.

He hates going to sleep at night.

He has a blog, but he doesn’t post.

He loves Pepsi with a dedication that is incomprehensible to me. He will talk about Pepsi the way that wine aficionados talk about vintages. His favorite Pepsi is from a can with real sugar. I got a flurry of IMs when Pepsi rolled out Throwback.

He always says Grace before eating.

He’s agnostic.

Did I mention he’s a conundrum?

He worries about zombies. He even owns a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. He’s never read it.

He likes to say he’s “old as dirt”. Don’t listen to him. He’s been saying that for as long as I’ve known him. He was pretty young when we met too.

I think this list ended up being more of a, how much of a riddle can one man be? The answer is Bear.

puttin up with my shit way too long

Lame lame lame. I haven’t posted in a month? So random catch up blog ahoy!

  • Bear made me watch the whole 34 minute Runaway video. The only part we agreed on (as in both loved):
  • Bear and I caught the colds from hell. I took naps on the couch at work for multiple days in a row. That is how tired and out of it I was. NAPS PEOPLE. I hate napping but I cannot tell you how much I looked forward to those 30 minute naps.
  • Bear and I are becoming awesome friends with Mr and Mrs Right. :)
  • Left has kinda disappeared on us and that is worrisome.  :(
  • We love our neighbors.
  • We have raked a million trillion acorns that have fallen from trees.
  • We are doing a great job eating at home even if it means frozen meals
  • The sun going down at 6 instead of 9 is actually contributing to us feeling tired I think. I’m not looking forward to the time change.
  • I have a bunch of fall foliage pictures from around the neighborhood but the laziness kills.
  • I found out someone I know in person is reading the blog. Hi!
  • It’s probably because Linda links me. She just can’t let me hide back here.
  • I’ve been working until 11pm a lot (> 3 times) this month. This MIGHT also be contributing to the tired/lazy.
  • I have a hard time balancing my hobbies. Blogging is easier when I am spinning/knitting and not so much when I’m reading. I dont review books. You wouldn’t want me to either.
  • Sick and tired and cold and rainy this last month has meant that I’ve been reading. A lot. I’ve blown my book budget for this month like crazy. (It’s not as bad as it sounds. My book budget is like …$20?)
  • Bear vacuumed at 1am the other day.
  • Bear almost died at 1:30am the other day.
  • After we got the new boiler/heater, we paid 2 guys $40 to remove the old castiron oil heater. This resulted in a MASSIVE greasy rusty mess. I cannot describe how black and sticky and gross this stuff was and it was ALL over our basement floor. Bear wouldn’t let me clean it. Bear wouldn’t clean it. It sat and mocked us for 2 months. Then Bear surprised me by having it cleaned while we were at work this week. I came home and went to put clothes to wash. When I opened the basement door, I screamed “BEAR SOMEONE WAS IN OUR BASEMENT!” and of course he was already anticipating this so he was right behind me so I screamed at him “DID YOU DO THIS?!”
  • Bear has been deriving an immense amount of pleasure from the look on my face and the idea that I would have thought someone would break into our basement to CLEAN.
  • I’ve been living in a state of conflict. One the one hand YAY FOR THE BASEMENT AND FOR BEAR BEING AWESOME AND SWEET. One the other hand, WTH WE COULD HAVE CLEANED THAT OURSELVES! The yay part of me is winning. Also Linda and my mom yelled at me for not falling all over Bear. They think he’s the shit.
  • My mom had surgery. I was disproportionately freaked. Linda went way beyond the bounds of friendship and visited her for me at the hospital. She blogged about it here and here.
  • The clan is losing their collective shit over Halloween. Normally we reserve this for Christmas and New Years. I can’t wait for pictures.