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January 2023
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A timeline to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming

So last night Bear had to work late. At 9pm, I was going to head over to his office (about 1 mile from my lab) and keep him company. The idea was that we’d probably be there until 11pm.

At 10pm I was still outside his office and getting a little upset because Bear still hadn’t come downstairs or answered his phone. I was sitting in the car and had my book though, so I wasn’t too upset. Finally at 10:15 he finally picked up the phone. He was outside my lab.

According to Bear he wandered around outside his building for 45 minutes before freaking out that something had happened to me and getting a taxi to take him to my lab. Then he wandered around outside my lab, found a security guard who walked him around for a while until I finally got him on the phone. I finally picked him up back at my lab. He had been wandering around outside WITHOUT A JACKET. It was in the high 30s at that time last night. I firmly believe that’s what led to his complete meltdown thinking that I had been accosted between my office and his.

So at 11 (after a detour to the freeway because I was completely discombobulated), we are finally back outside Bear’s office and we head up for him to do his work. At 12:30, I got a little tired. At 1am, I got cranky. At 1:30, Bear sent me to nap on the couch. At 2:30, we finally left.

At 8:30am, Bear got up.

At 9:30am, I turned off the alarm and rolled back over.

At 10am I woke up.

At 11am, I went to the grocery store

At noon, I realized that ALLLL of my coupons expired yesterday.

Glass straws and lime/grapefruit infused water

The only way I drink water anymore

Never Have I Ever…

…jumped from a plane (skydiving)

…gone parasailing

…bunjee jumped

…painted a room

…been a Maid-of-Honor

…gotten a tattoo

…been drunk

…swam with dolphins

…smoked pot

…visited most of eastern or western europe or anywhere in east asia

…gotten in a bar fight

…played a game of chess

…eaten a live animal

…watched someone die

(then I asked Bear for his suggests of stuff for this list)

…walked on the Moon

…scaled a building like Spiderman

…flew through the air like Superman

…swam through the ocean like Aquaman

…swung from the trees like Tarzan (except that I have ziplined, so I’m kinda iffy on the qualification here.)

Check out Linda’s blog for her version.

State of the tea

I’m going to talk about tea today.

photo credit

I used to talk about tea more often on the blog. I drink water, juice, tea, soda, coffee, all the things that normal people drink. I only drink two things because I honestly enjoy drinking them. One is actually in a WW later on this month, the other is tea. Allllllllll kinds of tea.

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I’ve gotten into pu-erh. I’ve had black, green, herbal, oolong, white, rooibos. I have experimented with gongfu brewing. I’ve used gravity teapots (warning youtube link, also my FAVORITE gravity teapot is from Teavana).

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I’ve ordered from MANY of the different online loose leaf tea vendors. My favorites are TeaTable, Dragon Tea House, Harney & Sons (for Hot Cinnamon Sunset which I buy a full lb of at a time), and China Cha Dao, to name a few. If you are looking for a vendor, try the teachat vendor guide.

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Currently, I go for easy brewing. I use paper filters from adagio. While adagio is probably one of the more overpriced (but still quality) vendors, they have the cheapest filters. Some people complain about what the natural filters do to their tea, but honestly, I’ve liked how they mellow out most of my teas. I don’t have time to use my clay teapots anymore and I’ve noticed how much sharper my tea tastes in my gravity teapots. I don’t even mind the waste so much because the filter is as biodegradable as the leaves.

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The only thing I mind about tea is when there isn’t any.

Finally, a little bit of random. If you care why I’m linking this, click here. Otherwise, here’s my Knitpicks Wishlist.