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December 2022
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Best you’ve ever had

Bear and I went to see the new Bond movie almost a week ago and while we both had the same problems with the movie, it was still entertaining. Bear found this infographic about the Bond movies and I thought it was interesting enough to share. I linked to the original in the image as well.


(Rainbow Oreo, I have Artic Monkeys running in my head, so that’s where the title is from.)

Something inside you

Hi. I’m back. I’ve been working for about 4 months now? Omg. So long since I’ve updated. It’s been WAY too long since I updated, so there’s no recap about life or anything. Just hi.

Actually I will give a little info about my job. We use the Agile process at work, which isn’t too bad except how it sets up every third week (for us) to be hellish. The idea behind Agile is that you have internal periods of work called sprints. So each sprint is a period of time in which development happens and the end of sprint is a deadline in which you should have some kind of tangible progress. You demo your “feature” or whatever on the last day of the sprint and on the first day of the sprint you pick new work for the next 3 weeks. So all of this is fine and dandy, but that third week (sprints are highly configurable, my team works on 3 week sprints) is this huge push to get all our stuff done. It means that as a team we are pretty productive, but it also means that this week I put in 30 hours in the first 3 days of this week.  I slept more like 6 hours or less each night and on Thursday when I came into work and stuff was breaking all over the place, I ended up with a huge very painful headache and slept for about 10 hours straight that night. That was fun.

Then today I went out to lunch with some of the better people I’ve found at our company to this really really awesome lunch place. It is a total hole in the wall, but the food was so tasty and cheap. Apparently it’s very authentic and there are menu items that aren’t on the board. I had the hand pulled noodles.

Not bad for a camera photo! I should have taken the picture before I ate most of the lunch, but I was hungry. I hadn’t had breakfast and it was already 1:30 by the time we got our food. The noodles were plain but at the bottom of the bowl was a lot of chili oil and on top of the noodles was a ton of ground chili flakes and garlic and cilantro. LOTS OF GARLIC. When I picked Bear up from work he was like “WOAH. Enjoy your garlic?” But that’s just part of what made it so good. It was not very spicy at all. Apparently sometimes it’s VERY spicy and sometimes… not so much. I’m sad I didn’t get it on a good day.

I’ve been journaling in my paper journal for the last few months and writing love letters to my Rainbow Oreo and snuggling Bear to keep myself sane in the transition between grad school, unemployment and now fulltime employment. It’s been a transition. I think I’m going to try and set up the ability to email the blog posts in the hopes that would make things easier and make posting more frequent.

(Rainbow Oreo: The line is from the Nightcall song.)

State of the tea

I’m going to talk about tea today.

photo credit

I used to talk about tea more often on the blog. I drink water, juice, tea, soda, coffee, all the things that normal people drink. I only drink two things because I honestly enjoy drinking them. One is actually in a WW later on this month, the other is tea. Allllllllll kinds of tea.

photo credit

I’ve gotten into pu-erh. I’ve had black, green, herbal, oolong, white, rooibos. I have experimented with gongfu brewing. I’ve used gravity teapots (warning youtube link, also my FAVORITE gravity teapot is from Teavana).

photo credit

I’ve ordered from MANY of the different online loose leaf tea vendors. My favorites are TeaTable, Dragon Tea House, Harney & Sons (for Hot Cinnamon Sunset which I buy a full lb of at a time), and China Cha Dao, to name a few. If you are looking for a vendor, try the teachat vendor guide.

photo credit

Currently, I go for easy brewing. I use paper filters from adagio. While adagio is probably one of the more overpriced (but still quality) vendors, they have the cheapest filters. Some people complain about what the natural filters do to their tea, but honestly, I’ve liked how they mellow out most of my teas. I don’t have time to use my clay teapots anymore and I’ve noticed how much sharper my tea tastes in my gravity teapots. I don’t even mind the waste so much because the filter is as biodegradable as the leaves.

photo credit

The only thing I mind about tea is when there isn’t any.

Finally, a little bit of random. If you care why I’m linking this, click here. Otherwise, here’s my Knitpicks Wishlist.

Take this!

Hi, my name is Emmy and I have a tab problem. I have more of a tab problem than I do an email problem. I try very hard to manage my tab problem and every once in a while I manage to defeat it. I will actually CLOSE my browser with no open tabs. I know I am not the only person with this problem. At work my tab problem tends to be complicated by the two areas of interest (my research reading and my fun reading) instead of just the fun reading at home. In the interest of clearing some of my tabs, I’m going to …oops. I’m not sure about the creative whatevers. I was going to post images. Now I’m just linking.

The first came to me via Linda. It’s the merge of a lighting storm and a volcano. Go look. I’ve had this open for AGES.

The second image I found when I looking for pictures for the feet post. I could post this picture because I can source weheartit, but now I’ve got a whole list of links. Something about these feet is very tough and lean and experienced and I love looking at the photo. (Anyone who thinks I have feet issues would be correct. I have been concerned about my feet since I was very very little. It used to drive my mother and grandmother insane.)

The third is an image that an artist created when he was inspired by a book he read. The book is The Name of the Wind and I found the image because I read the author’s (the book author not the image author) blog. It’s staggeringly gorgeous.

The fourth image came through my rss reader. This is a freaking ADORABLE kid. It’s a fashion blog, so I’m sure the cute clothes were meant to be the focus, but jeepers. The cute little sweater! The little cautious grin! The KNEES! The sweat/water slicked hair! GAHHHHH.

Now these things are documented and I can close 4 tabs. Hopefully someone enjoyed. If not, thanks for assisting me in making that small step forward with my problem. It’s a disease really.

(Brain, the title is a reference to Zelda, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” and there’s an internet geek image macro where you put the image of something and subtitle it with the quote.)