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January 2023
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weep for yourself

It was Bear’s birthday yesterday. I cleaned radiators and our floors for his gift. We have so much fun. We were also fighting about having kids yesterday. I hadn’t realized we were so close, but then I think about how old I actually am and it scares me. I don’t feel that old. My body doesn’t feel that old. Whatever. Despite what other people seem to be so sure about, I’m hoping that if I just take it the best I can, as I have everything else, it’ll work out.

In further news of Bear’s and my complete and utter disgusting domesticity, we have bought lawn fertilizer, a mosquito magnet and this propane motor that comes with a trimmer and can swap out the trimmer for all these other heads, like a cultivator and a saw.

We’ve been sleeping a lot lately too. Good sleep I think. My best guess is that we are more active and busy here than we’ve ever been. I think we got into a bad habit of living at the apartment and building ourselves back up has been tiring us out enough to sleep.

Oh. Continuing with all the babble about our grounds:

That’s the backyard, y es? You’ve seen it covered with snow so it’s not new. See the greenery by the stones and the trees? Those are skunk cabbage. We have lots and lots of them. Now lets pretend you could stand where I was when I took that picture and you turned to the left.

The other pest. Day lilies. SCADS of them. We have an infestation of Lily of the Valley (Canadian variety supposedly) too, but unlike Lily of the Valley, skunk cabbage and day liles are IMPOSSIBLE to dig up. No I lie. Skunk Cabbage is impossible. Day lilies are just the most stubborn bitches ever.

Lemme show you a closer look so you can see how DENSE this is.

All of those little triads of pretty green leaves has about 12 thick bulbs underground that create this WEB of roots that’s impossible to pull up.

Ok, I posted this because I think it’s funny and pretty that we have a little cluster of daffodils in the middle of our swamp, but will you look at the skunk cabbage? THERES A MILLION of them. And while in this picture they are a little bigger than a human head, now they are as big as beach balls. HUGE. I’m going to have a take another picture. I mean, it’s cool that they make the swamp look green? I don’t know. It boggles my mind, but I think I’m happy to leave the swamp to them. The day lilies on the other hand are mostly going down.

(For Linda: This title is from “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons)

Dragon Well tea from DRAGON WELL

I had a writer person that I do not actually know call me awesome. It was cool. I’ve had AJ say very nice things about me too, and I totally respect and admire her ability to write, but at this point she loves me and I do not feel her belief in me to be unbiased. Granted, I may have told the other writer person how much I love his shit, so it’s possible there was bias there too and that I should not feel flattered. Whatever. Life has felt like it’s on the edge of breaking for days and days now. The best period of time was between 8:30pm Friday night until 4pm Saturday. Bear and I were practically melding into each other’s skin and I felt so fucking safe and happy and loved. Then I went back to work on my exam and Bear got snippy with me without telling me what I did, so life went back to feeling fragile.

AJ came home yesterday too. The other awesome portion of the weekend was hearing about her trip and seeing all the cool stuff she found and she bought me a jade dragon and Dragon Well tea from Dragon Well. I made heart eyes at her. I have truly been blessed with some fucking awesome people. The stories she had to tell and the high she was on from her trip despite the jetlag was extremely amazing.

My papers are going along. Bear is gonna have to help me tomorrow clean them up and get them ready to turn in on Tuesday. Mom called just to piss me off earlier today (I’m still calling it Sunday although this is going to register as Monday when it posts).

I think I had something interesting to say when I came over to post. It is gone now.

Little presents

I came home on Friday to see this when I opened my screen door:

Yay for Surprises

The box on the left might not be of much interest to people. It’s a tea shipment from Seven Cups. I usually order my tea from Adagio, but I thought I’d try somewhere else for a change. I love talking about loose leaf tea and can spend hours wasting time online looking at different teas and teaware, so if you are interested, let me know.

The envelope on the right should be of interest. See the AIRMAIL sticker? How about the Royal Mail one? Or even the Customs sticker? It’s a little order from Heirloom Knitting. I made it, then completely pretended I didn’t. When we walked to the door and I opened the screen the conversation went like this:

Bear reached to grab the packages so I could open the door. “What’s this?”
I hunched my shoulders and reached for the packages. “A pattern and my tea.”
He laughed. “You bought it and then went into denial or something huh?”
I shot a glance at him. “How did you know?”
He hung up his coat and headed up the stairs. “Because you didn’t show me a million pictures and talk incessantly about it while you were waiting for it to get here.”

Heh. He’s so funny. Wanna see what was inside?


That’s the front of the Yarn Guide and a piece of the front of the Gossamer Sample pack.


Sorry for sticking my big hand in the middle of the photo, but for some reason I could not get the envelopes to stay on the bush when I flipped them around. But I find the back of the envelopes much more interesting than the fronts.

I waffled a lot when I was thinking about buying the yarn guide. A lot of the information I’m sure a person could find out on their own or wouldn’t even need, but it does have quite a bit of information and I found it terribly interesting. I also love her card with the yarn samples attached. It ended up being (in my opinion) very worth the 16 bucks or so that I spent on it. The gossamer sample pack is what convinced me to make the purchase, but strangely, I never would have considered buying it if I hadn’t already been looking at the yarn guide. The sample pack has 10g of the gossamer mohair and 10g of the gossamer silk. The little pattern that is supposedly takes 5 to make, so you have enough to swatch with both yarns and still make the mini Orenburg sample shawl. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase I have to say.

I spent a good portion of my weekend taking both the yarn guide and the little pamphlet that has the mini Orenburg sample pattern on it out and skimming and reading and rereading and reskimming both. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning or knitting. I made great progress on the Branching Out doll scarf.

march 26 Branching Out progress

The ruler is there to show an approximation of how long the scarf is unblocked. Around 24 inches. Not terribly long. It’ll grow a bit when it’s blocked, but I don’t imagine by much. I actually expect to have pictures of it bound off at least by Friday and next week to have blocking shots and finished product shots. I actually think the greatest indication of how little is left to do is the flattened little ball of yarn. Can’t be long now huh?

Oh, and sample pack and yarn guide aren’t the only presents (those are just my presents to me). I don’t expect to keep the doll scarf once I’m done with it. I know a little girl who will die, just die, if she doesn’t get it. The horrible thing is, she has 3 other little cousins who must also get cutesy little handmade things so as to not feel left out. I have no ideas. The good thing is that they live in different states and so I can probably get away with giving the other 3 (who are all sisters) stuff for Christmas, so I’ve got months to work something out.

And honestly, that makes it sound like I don’t like making things for them. I love making things for other people. Making stuff for other people is my excuse (to myself, it doesn’t make a difference to Bear) for knitting lace instead of sweaters (sweaters are at least practical right?) and for having all this yarn lying around, especially since I’ve learned to spin. I’ve lost almost all interest in buying yarn, but it’s when I start to think about making things for other people some of the grand ambitions (spinning gossamer weight yarn to make a wedding ring shawl anyone?) fall away finally and I go shopping.

Speaking of shopping. I have more stuff arriving soon. Easy content for Friday huh?