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December 2022
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Bear and I are off with some family and enjoying good food. I hope that you and yours are having a great day as well.


No one can lift the damn thing

My first hero is my maternal grandfather. His nickname was Pepe, so that’s what I’ll call him on the blog. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him before, but he had a profound impact upon my life. He was a loving father and husband. He was a bit of an alcoholic. He was a complete neatfreak. He LOVED garage sales. He would take the paper and find all the good garage and estate sales and take my grandmother every weekend.

I was extremely lucky in that I was born early enough in his life that he got to be a grandparent to me before he died and that I was a female. Pepe had a double standard when it came to his daughters and granddaughters versus his sons and grandsons. Boys were to be tough and tried and tempered. Girls were for hugs and love and encouragement.

My female cousins were all younger than me and thus not even teenagers yet when Pepe died. They didn’t get enough time with him. Pepe believed in me. Some would say it was because we were cut from the same cloth. My grandfather enjoyed books and quiet time and having everything just right. I truly believe that I got my OCD and my need for mental space from him.

Pepe taught me how to swim. He spent HOURS sitting in his chair by the pool and counted laps for me. He taught me how to check the chorline levels in the water before I swam and helped me scoop leaves out of the water.

He bought my first computer when my high school was starting a program for laptops. My mother had been fretting and worrying about taking out a loan and my grandfather found the money to pay for it. He told me to have fun and make sure I learned well. He believed I was responsible. I had that computer for over 5 years and then my mother used it for another year or two.

He taught me about cars. He almost bought my first car. I spent many Saturdays going to car dealerships with him and him telling me about different cars. His plan was to buy a minivan because his minivan was dying and to buy a used car for himself to go work. He didn’t believe I should drive a used car as a young woman going to school by myself.

He paid for me to go on a school sponsored trip to England and Scotland, and helped me with my Spanish. He would buy any romance, scifi or mystery novels he found at his garage sales. He built special shelves in my room for my paperback books.

I can’t even list all of the things he did for and with me. I loved him very much and am glad that I got to be part of his life.

The Clan’s Halloween

Halloween, looking at front door of house

Halloween, looking to right of front door

Halloween, looking at creepy dummy and spider

Halloween, looking at graveyard

remember the blink of an eye

  1. pandora
  2. when my grandfather told my mom he’d pay for my first laptop
  3. when my dad finally said he’d give up visitation
  4. when my grandfather told my mom that i should go overseas on a school sponsored trip
  5. my grandfather. i don’t talk about him much, but i think without him i’d be a drastically different person. he isn’t in the thankful list from last week.
  6. linda suggesting that we write 5 minutes a day on a topic that changes weekly.
  7. that frodo had sam.
  8. having my own buddies so that i can throw my own rings into mt doom
  9. that my mom thought i should get that spinning wheel
  10. that my husband thought i should get that spinning wheel
  11. that i was online in the library that day in 1999 instead of only doing my school work
  12. that my mom typed my papers from my scribbled yellow notepads for years
  13. my ability to make analogies. i derive so much pleasure from this very human ability.
  14. that our realtor showed us a house that ignored one of the first things we told her we wanted
  15. that the buyers for the house we wanted backed out
  16. that i went to a small catholic school for kindergarten and first grade before moving across town and switching schools
  17. that bear used to make me wait for him for hours
  18. that bear no longer makes me wait for him and if an emergency happens, i still only wait about 30 minutes
  19. that linda is talented at long distance relationships and willing to be my bff
  20. gmail archives
  21. my sony ereader
  22. fan fiction. i might not read it much anymore, but it changed my perspective on a few things and its how i met AJ.
  23. for the japanese maple that already exists on our property
  24. for the massive hydrangea and all the lacecap hydrangeas (i love love love hydrangeas)
  25. that typing in all lowercase somehow assuages the tiredness i’ve been feeling

(Gilligan, the title is from “Upwards Over the Mountain” by Iron & Wine. I used it because it seems to me that part of being thankful is remembering “the blink of an eye”. Maybe it’s just me.)