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December 2022
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swallowed in sound

I think I’ve mentioned my tea obsession on the blog before. It should come as no surprise that mostly, at work, I drink tea. The problem comes in how to MAKE tea at work. When I was in the lab, I would clean my little tea infusers in the bathroom. Our bathroom sinks had grates and I would get all the little leaves out of the sink after I washed my infuser. Here at work we have a sink for washing things (lunch type utensils and such). So I thought this would be fantastic except that the little food catcher is WAY down the pipe and always gross. I hate cleaning (and thus using) my tea infusers now. Our bathroom sinks do have grates, but everyone else cleans their stuff in the breakroom sinks, so it would be a little weird for me to be taking my tea stuff into the bathroom to clean it. All of this is a long story to explain that I’ve been using tea bags (the big open kind for loose leaf tea) to make my tea now.

I have been using the ones from Adagio because they are super cheap ($3/100) and super big. But they taste/smell kind of woody and are brown and stick out from my cup and look funny. While I was in Vancouver I found a little bag of tea bags that were ALSO super cheap ($2/110), kind of plasticy feeling, and still pretty big. The sad thing is now I have no IDEA where I will find more of these little bags. I even love that they are called “Tea Packing Paper” instead of tea bags.

State of the tea

I’m going to talk about tea today.

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I used to talk about tea more often on the blog. I drink water, juice, tea, soda, coffee, all the things that normal people drink. I only drink two things because I honestly enjoy drinking them. One is actually in a WW later on this month, the other is tea. Allllllllll kinds of tea.

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I’ve gotten into pu-erh. I’ve had black, green, herbal, oolong, white, rooibos. I have experimented with gongfu brewing. I’ve used gravity teapots (warning youtube link, also my FAVORITE gravity teapot is from Teavana).

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I’ve ordered from MANY of the different online loose leaf tea vendors. My favorites are TeaTable, Dragon Tea House, Harney & Sons (for Hot Cinnamon Sunset which I buy a full lb of at a time), and China Cha Dao, to name a few. If you are looking for a vendor, try the teachat vendor guide.

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Currently, I go for easy brewing. I use paper filters from adagio. While adagio is probably one of the more overpriced (but still quality) vendors, they have the cheapest filters. Some people complain about what the natural filters do to their tea, but honestly, I’ve liked how they mellow out most of my teas. I don’t have time to use my clay teapots anymore and I’ve noticed how much sharper my tea tastes in my gravity teapots. I don’t even mind the waste so much because the filter is as biodegradable as the leaves.

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The only thing I mind about tea is when there isn’t any.

Finally, a little bit of random. If you care why I’m linking this, click here. Otherwise, here’s my Knitpicks Wishlist.

these things take forever

I got a present from my mommy. When she came up to visit me. Well she was here for a month, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she saw me drooling over other wheels. So anyways, my plan was to get it for my birthday. That gave me time to save up and then Bear and I could get it. She’s not the most pricey wheel, but she wasn’t cheap by any stretch. But mom and I went to go try out some wheels because I wanted to make sure I liked her and I just… I loved her. So mom gave me the money and now I’ve got her.

Isn’t she beeeeeautiful? There was debate over whether she should be in the clear wood or the walnut. I think the walnut was a good choice.

I started spinning on her on Saturday morning. She came on Friday and I got her put together. Then I cleaned up. Then I started oiling her. And oiling her. And oiling her. And after oiling her some more, she started gliding along. I was so excited to not only have her, but to have her just making her “shh shh shh” sound as she worked.

I spun up a little over 2 oz of this over the weekend. The picture is a little hard to take because of all the silk in there. I couldn’t use the flash and even without the flash, the shininess of the silk takes over a bit. There’s pinky red and plum colored merino and white silk. I think it’s a 50/50 split between the merino and silk. I popped The Big Bang Theory into the dvd player (Bear has never seen it and I’ve only seen a few episodes). We watched all of season 1 and about half of season 2. I just kept spinning.

Bear was kinda cute. He’d never seen the show before and it was a treat for him. I think I upset him when I said he’s kinda like Sheldon though. But he IS. Sheldon’s my favorite too. I’m not saying he IS Sheldon. Bear is balanced and a real human being and not a collection of ticks collected together and stitched for a sitcom. But Bear does share some very adorable similarities.

(Linda, the title is from “First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Super super sweet song, but probably not for you.)

weep for yourself

It was Bear’s birthday yesterday. I cleaned radiators and our floors for his gift. We have so much fun. We were also fighting about having kids yesterday. I hadn’t realized we were so close, but then I think about how old I actually am and it scares me. I don’t feel that old. My body doesn’t feel that old. Whatever. Despite what other people seem to be so sure about, I’m hoping that if I just take it the best I can, as I have everything else, it’ll work out.

In further news of Bear’s and my complete and utter disgusting domesticity, we have bought lawn fertilizer, a mosquito magnet and this propane motor that comes with a trimmer and can swap out the trimmer for all these other heads, like a cultivator and a saw.

We’ve been sleeping a lot lately too. Good sleep I think. My best guess is that we are more active and busy here than we’ve ever been. I think we got into a bad habit of living at the apartment and building ourselves back up has been tiring us out enough to sleep.

Oh. Continuing with all the babble about our grounds:

That’s the backyard, y es? You’ve seen it covered with snow so it’s not new. See the greenery by the stones and the trees? Those are skunk cabbage. We have lots and lots of them. Now lets pretend you could stand where I was when I took that picture and you turned to the left.

The other pest. Day lilies. SCADS of them. We have an infestation of Lily of the Valley (Canadian variety supposedly) too, but unlike Lily of the Valley, skunk cabbage and day liles are IMPOSSIBLE to dig up. No I lie. Skunk Cabbage is impossible. Day lilies are just the most stubborn bitches ever.

Lemme show you a closer look so you can see how DENSE this is.

All of those little triads of pretty green leaves has about 12 thick bulbs underground that create this WEB of roots that’s impossible to pull up.

Ok, I posted this because I think it’s funny and pretty that we have a little cluster of daffodils in the middle of our swamp, but will you look at the skunk cabbage? THERES A MILLION of them. And while in this picture they are a little bigger than a human head, now they are as big as beach balls. HUGE. I’m going to have a take another picture. I mean, it’s cool that they make the swamp look green? I don’t know. It boggles my mind, but I think I’m happy to leave the swamp to them. The day lilies on the other hand are mostly going down.

(For Linda: This title is from “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons)