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December 2022
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Pink and black and blue for you

For a while now Bear and I have talked about moving. We’ve talked about moving to Virginia. We’ve talked about moving to Florida. We’ve talked about just moving a town or two over from where we are now. In all of this, we’ve never talked about moving to Texas. It’s too conservative. It’s too hot. It’s got lots of crazy people.

Then about 7? months ago or so, there were rumors that Google Fiber would be moving to Austin, TX. Bear turned to me and said “How would you feel about moving to Austin?” I long ago had thought that if Bear and I ever moved to Texas, the only place that we’d really want to be was Austin. I thought I had given up the idea though until Bear said that. I flipped and after talking about it for a bit and Bear talking to some of my family about it, Bear and I started looking for work. There seemed to be plenty, but we weren’t having much luck until my bff sent my resume to her HR department.

I’m skipping over a lot of frantic planning and scrambling, but now Bear and I are frantically packing up our house and asking ourselves if we are insane on a near daily basis. As crazy as this news is: Bear and I are moving to Austin.


Be my luck

This post is purely down to my dearest Rainbow Oreo.

I jerked awake to the alarm clock this morning. I’d been having a nightmare. In it, my aunt? someone was like a detective after a serial killer and we’d just found some of his bodies and one of the skulls had a note in its mouth. The killer was coming after my aunt. We were booby trapping a house (that as like a mashup of my house and the house I grew up in) because we were sure the killer was coming. The traps were made out of metal bits and wet glue. It was really crazy. Right as I woke up, we heard someone creep into the house and we were dialing 911.

I remember a lot of water and wet toxic glue. The bodies had been pulled out of a swamp. It was so awful. Such a creepy dream. Heres hoping for better ones tonight.

(Rainbow Oreo, the lyric is from Capital Cities “Safe & Sound”

How the modern stay scared

Bear and I have been busy bees. My Gilligan came to visit and then Bear and I went to my hometown for a family thing. Bear and I ended up having a kind of shitty trip. It started off ok, but the last straw was the plane flight home. To preface this story, Bear snores. When he’s in bed, he snores REALLY loud, but when he’s sitting up, it’s mostly pretty soft. Also, our flight was turbulent. A lot of shaking and upset. Last point of note, he’s got the aisle seat and I’m in the middle.

So we get on the plane and Bear falls asleep while we are taxing down the runway. After he falls asleep I’m trying to get comfy and I notice the lady across the aisle from him is MAD. I’m not sure at what, but she’s glaring. After takeoff the kid in front of Bear leans his chair back. Bear wakes up when the chair jams into his knees and sticks one foot in the aisle and the other in front of me. I readjust myself and notice the woman is GLARING at Bear’s foot. I’m like great, she’s one of those that is pissed that he’s too big or that he’s not following the strict rules. To avoid her saying something, I wake Bear up when the flight attendants come by, especially when they have the cart.

A few minutes after we’ve all settled back down with drinks, Bear gets jostled pretty bad when the lady gets up. She jabs her knee or foot into him. I couldn’t see exactly because at this point I wasn’t paying attention. Thankfully Bear goes back to sleep. Now, until this lady jabs him, NO ONE ELSE on the plane has had any trouble with Bear’s foot. I can see how it’s a little rude of him. If the kid in front of him hadn’t leaned back, he would have kept his knees in his space, but short of cutting off his legs, there just wasn’t a lot of options at this point.

After the lady sits back down, I start kinda keeping an eye on her. Not seriously, but she’s starting to wig me out a bit with all her glaring and her deliberately(?) jabbing Bear. About 30 or so minutes pass and suddenly she reaches across the aisle and shoves Bear in the shoulder saying “Some of us would like to sleep too!” Bear and I were in complete shock. I started to get angry at this point. Bear put on his headphones and cranked up his ipod to try and keep himself awake.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be because a few minutes later I realized I desperately needed to pee. I was also still very very upset. When I was waiting in line for the bathroom, a flight attendant was hanging back there for a few minutes after she’d finished cleaning. I decided to explain the situation and ask her if she thought we should call them if something else happened. The FA asked if we’d said anything to the lady and upon discovering that we hadn’t, advised us to call them if ANYTHING happened.

I eventually go back to my seat. Bear eventually falls asleep. The lady eventually wakes up. I then hear her muttering. Then I hear her saying “HOW CAN YOU BE SO INCONSIDERATE?!? THIS IS A FULL FLIGHT DO YOU NOT REALIZE?” I ignore it and scrunch down into my seat. I didn’t even think about the FA at this point. I just couldn’t believe she was going to be just that loud. The guy who was in the seat behind Bear was standing in the aisle. He heard her. I heard her. The people in front and behind her heard her. But Bear still had headphones on his head. I didn’t get how she thought he could hear her

A few minutes later the FA comes by with water and because I’m hyper sensitive I see her take some. I think “Great. Drink some water and calm your ass down.” I should have known this wouldn’t work. I see her clenching her little cup to the point that it starts to crumple a bit. I start getting anxious. I really want her to hold her shit together. We have less than an hour left on the flight.

Of course she stands up though before she’s even finished her water. The guy that was in the aisle moves into his seat to let her pass. She reaches for the back of Bear’s seat. There’s no turbulence at this point. She SHOVES hard and Bear’s seat slams back, waking him and startling me and the standing dude. My blood boils and I loudly call “M’am!”. In that second the standing guy moves back into the aisle preventing her from moving away. She ignores me and I continue to call “M’am!” at a woman standing less than 4 feet from me. After about 4 times she gives me this false innocent confused look and says “Yes?” I said “Could you please leave my husband alone?” She says, “I was just trying to get past this man here.” I said “This isn’t the first time you’ve woken my husband, could you please leave him alone?” She looks at me and says “Im going to get the flight attendant.” My hand shot up and pushed the call button.

At this point Bear was trying desperately to get me to let it go and I tried to explain to him that I needed her to stop. She had been making me tense this whole flight almost. I then hear the flight attendant ask the lady “Did you touch her husband?” I assume the lady had told her that I was causing a commotion. The lady responds “I was just touching the back of his chair.” The flight attendant says “Did you touch her husband earlier?” The lady shifts back towards Bear’s chair and touches the back as if to demonstrate, “Right now, I just touched the back of it” The flight attendants voice gets kind of stringent. “Did you AT ANY TIME touch her husband?” The lady clearly has had enough as well “HE WAS SNORING.”

At this point I’m pretty sure the crazy must have been obvious on her face too because the Flight Attendant shuffled the lady away. We were told they were going to see if she was agreeable to moving seats. Bear was told very kindly that he should not be touched or allowed to feel bad for snoring on an airplane. Apparently the lady didn’t want to move though because right before we all had to be seated for landing she pops back into her seat. She didn’t look at us or say anything for the rest of the flight.

True story. Lets just say Bear and I gave her PLENTY of space when we were getting off the plane.

sick strange darkness

This weekend was hellish for sleeping. Bear was doing his normal freakish sleeping at all hours thing (with the biggest naps falling between 6am and 2pm). Friday night was great. I even woke up at like 8 am because I went to sleep early and slept well. Then Saturday night I had nightmare after nightmare. I also woke up about 4 times. First I went to read on the bed because it was getting late. I fell asleep. I woke myself up, took out my contact and got in my jammies and went to read some more. Then Bear woke me up when he came to lay down. I fell asleep again while he was reading, except then he started to watch something and I woke up. I laid there very uncomfortable for a bit because I was tired but I’d been having a nightmare where my mom and grandma were there, but something scary was happening. It was vague and scary enough to make going back to sleep hard. Espcially with Bear playing on his computer. I finally got so frustrated, I went to lay down on the loveseat in the living room. It was dark and quiet and cool and I felt myself relaxing.

Suddenly I was looking for something with AJ. We were traveling all over space and kept taking these little trips to look for it. Probably the Maltese Falcon. When suddenly one of the trips was gonna cost us $8,987. I remember the amount. I freaked out and said I couldn’t go on the trip. Except we had taken a shuttle to this little space station where we got slapped with the price for the big trip. I was like, um. I do not have that much money. I have a mortgage yo. I actually told the crazy lady who was telling AJ and I that it was gonna cost us that much that I had a mortgage and I could not give her $8k for this flight/trip thing so that AJ and I could keep searching. AJ freaked on me. Apparently she’d know the cost? And there were more expensive ways to go but this was our cheapest and best options. So the lady turns to her little minion and was like, “Take them to X and clear it up. Don’t leave them alone.” We freaked a little at this and made a break for it. We got caught when we went into a bar trying to find a way home. I mean, getting away from this lady is one thing, but we were on a space station. Turned out this lady takes people’s money and then liquefies them and hey, they went on this trip. Maybe they just didn’t come home. I don’t know how the fact that NO ONE COMES HOME wasn’t a huge fucking sign, but AJ and I freaked out again. Only at the bar something amazing happened and this old woman stood up and said she’d take our place. I remember I was screaming at the lady. When the old woman stood up, so did a few other people. AJ and I were like… WHAT is going on. Apparently the lady owns all the people on the space station. The lady isn’t human and she keeps these people here so that she has a collection of people to liquefy. She knew we’d have a hard time to get off the station so she took us to see what happens to the people and then let us go. I felt horribly sick and we were running away again and then we met up with these crazy people who were hiding from the lady on the station. They knew all the ins and outs. They were like gutter rats. She probably knew where they were and might be able to set traps, but as long as they avoided the traps they were safe. They were also CRAZY AS LOONS. Except that’s kinda gross where my dream went next. So lets say when my mind played that trick on me I woke up FAST.

I was then horribly confused as to where the fuck I was. I realized I was on the couch and RAN back to Bear and cuddled him and ignored the light until I fell asleep. Then Bear woke me up at 6 because he couldn’t sleep. Then I slept until noon because my body hates me. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Sunday was kinda loony toons for Bear and I. I was restless all day. And of course Bear and I didn’t fall asleep until almost 4am and we got up at 7:40.

I don’t feel sleepy, but lemme tell you, my brain is misfiring like crazy. I’m stealth tired.

I think the takeaway from this weekend is “Do not trust the loveseat. Even if it is cool and dark and quiet, it lies.”