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February 2023
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check up

So the knitting? Not so much.

The spinning? Ummm… yeah….

But hanging out with Bear? Yes.

The reading novels? Yes.

Wondering about my kids and racism and teaching good habits? Yes. (I have no idea why things like this suddenly come up out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s the when-I-get-old-I-am scenarios that run through my head. But right nows it’s about my kids. And racism. And housekeeping. Because those are issues that will confront my kids. If I have any. Heh.)

The working? Yes. (Classes are over. Now I get to pretend I have the best job in the world but I only get paid part-time.)

The wedding? Canwejustgetthisoverpuhllllllllleeeeeeeeeeease? *sighs* I still haven’t finished addressing the invitations.

And since this was supposed to be a fiber blog, I haven’t come to visit. But I miss blogging. And I tried blogging about the tea, but I have a feeling that probably was even more boring than my fiber posts. I can blog about the wedding? The family controversies (many many many phone calls)? I don’t know. But I’m not disappearing. Just figuring things out.

  • linda

    although i enjoy your tea and fiber updates, i also thoroughly enjoy blog posts about your opinions on other things and about your personal life :)

    here’s some positive feedback