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February 2023
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“Could you imagine burning platinum for energy?”

Tuesdays I usually talk about something… nonfrivolous. To me at least. The first Tuesday I talked about how I have heroes and decided that I would dedicate Thursdays to them. That project is turning out to be VERY difficult for me. The second Tuesday I talked about losing power from the Nor’easter.

Today it’s gonna be about power again, but this time about sources of power, not the effects of living without it.

A while ago, Bear and I watched a documentary. It’s clearly a low budget kind of thing and it’s entirely available on Youtube. It’s 2 hours long. It’s about how we generate power and specifically, why there are very good reasons to develop nuclear power plants, but not like the reactors we HAVE been using. This reactor is a Molten Salt or Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, also called LFTR (lifter).

This might sound horribly boring, but this video manages to be compelling. I was exhausted and Bear started the video at 11pm, telling me that we could finish it the next day. We finished it at 1am. Watch it. Just try the first 5 minutes. Please. I’ll knit you something if you do.