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February 2023
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Tomato plants and bridal jitters

I have tomato plants and wedding nightmares.

I’ve been planning for almost a week now to post pictures of the tomato plants as they were right after I planted them. They’ve gotten much bigger and spread themselves out in the pot. My plan is to take pictures of them every Thursday to keep track of them. So this picture should have gone up last Friday.

On the left is a black cherry tomato plant. On the right is a Beauty tomato plant. Both were supposed to be easy to grow. The black cherry looks like it’s doing much better than the Beauty. The bottom leaves of the Beauty look a little sickly now (not in the photo). I’ll point it out when I post the next pictures.

The other thing is that I’ve been having nightmares. And moments, when I realize that life is going to be difficult and exhilarating and tiring and weird for a little while starting in a week, suddenly wash over me in skin prickles and adrenaline rushes. Bridal jitters I think they call it. None of it is about being married. All of it is about the wedding. The marriage will be a sharp cessation to the stress. I hate having so much attention centered around me. Bear hates it even worse. That day is going to suck for us in some ways.

At the same time we are going to have all these people we love and care about in the same place at the same time. I know we both feel so incredibly honored by the fact that they are all willing to come. We feel so honored that it’s a burden, but so very sweet.

Which just means that Bear has random outbursts about feeling out of control and I have nightmares and we both fret about having good food and entertainment and pretty decorations.

Would it also be weird that I’m tempted to tell people to stay away? I feel like it’s tempting fate to have all the people I love so physically close together. I think I’ll go stare at my tomato plants some more.