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February 2023
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Sucky weekend

I’m already behind on writing Thank You cards. Bear and I had a cold from hell this weekend. The weather was freaking crazy (hot hot hot humid 97 degrees then poof thunderstorms that knocked out the power).

I slept from 10pm on Saturday until 2pm on Sunday. I got up for an hour or two in there to walk around but I’d feel so tired and achy and ill that I’d go to lay down and then I’ll fall back asleep. In between all the sleeping I’d keep taking Bear to work. All in all, the weekend kinda sucked and wasn’t productive at all.

The highlight was the tomato plants. Look at how big they are!

Do y’all see how many blooms there are? There are at least 6 bunches. Most of them are off the cherry tomato plant, which already has a few green tomatoes:

The biggest one (on the bottom) is the same one from last week. It’s grown a ton in 5 days.

This is the same bunch on Thursday the 17th. The smallest one in the back is mostly hidden by a leaf, but it’s there.

I even have two baby Beauties.

Those suckers are so hidden that I didn’t notice them until yesterday.

I realize that the tomatos are kinda boring if you aren’t the one fretting that you never gave them their second shot of fertilizer and it’s probably too late now and are the birds going to eat your tomatos and you watered them and then it rained and too much water is bad and when they are close to the house they don’t get nearly as much sun but far away from the house means that those nasty thunderstorms could rip the branches right off and they are too heavy to keep moving back and forth and back and forth and Bear is thinking you are even crazier than usual and he doesn’t want to help move them. *sighs* It’s more fun than thinking about the million thank you cards.