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June 2021
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Dream job

So in my grad lab, when we get particularly tired of wrangling with hardware interfaces and code and simulators and papers and theses full of conjugate gradient equations, we talk about what we wish we were doing.

“Don’t you wish you had chosen art for a major?”


“I could have been an english major.”


“History would have been easier than this.”

None of us really mean it, nor do we mean to degrade those fields of study (most of us would be utter failures in any other discipline). It’s just that in those moments of frustration and mental exhaustion those majors are so much more appealing. They are so vastly different from the worlds in which we are immersed.

All these conversations have had the effect of developing my dream job. My personal little mental escape from computer engineering: Editorial Assistant. Once upon a time I had some pretty good english skills. I dream how if I had just kept along that track maybe I could be reading through slush piles and line editing manuscripts and talking to authors. Probably that’s now how the job would go, and maybe these things don’t sound so wonderful to you. Maybe if I had graduated with an english lit degree and then gotten a job like this, it wouldn’t sound so wonderful to me either.

However, now that I’m having severe issues getting a stupid bleeping retarded RAM interface to work (I have three freaking versions and every single one has a problem and none of them have the SAME problem), I cannot tell you how beautiful it sounds to me.

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