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February 2023
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What you choose

I suck at updating sometimes.
Drive by update:

  • Quals take two. Week extension UGH
  • I have The Book of Love by Magnetic Fields on repeat
  • This tea I am drinking is very very good, especially once you push it past the 4th infusion. Gets buttery and vegetal.
  • I fell down the stairs and now have a spectacular bruise across my ass. The pain was an exponential drop off during the 24 hours that followed. The biggest lesson has been going to the bathroom. Toilet seats are hard and cold and no matter how much the pain isn’t bothering you, you are going to feel that bruise when you sit on a toilet seat.
  • This makes the third time I’ve slipped on those inside stairs. If you count the time I fell on the outside steps, that makes 4 falls at this apartment. I’ve never fallen anywhere else and almost all the places I’ve lived have had stairs (counting 5 homes in my lifetime, the 3 most substantial and recent all had stairs that I had to use every day). I might actually need to take AJ’s advice and get a runner. Or Annie’s and get bathtub footsies.
  • My heart hurts for my loved ones right now.
  • The paper that never ends is still not ending. Week extension
  • I am not looking forward to making a poster and having to stand in front of it for hours in boredom