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February 2023
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They don’t want me to stay

Today hasn’t been the greatest day, so me share some cuteness: a baby bird update!

First, here’s momma again since the last picture sucked.

Her red beak really stands out. There’s been a time or two where her tail feathers have been pointing towards the house and while the red streak in her tail makes it visible, it is always so much harder to see.

It’s kinda hard to see the babies, but there’s two of them. I made both pictures clickable, you look in the middle of the nest, under the wing of the bird on the right. You can see there’s a spotted round thing under the baby’s wing. That’s the last of the eggs. Bear and I are worried that one won’t hatch. I think it still hasn’t and the siblings are getting big. This picture is from six days ago (day after they hatched) and already they look fuller and more bird like (less ugly). Mom and Dad both come by and feed the babies. You can see in the picture they are laying pretty flat against the bottom of the nest, but the SECOND Mom or Dad fly towards the nest they pop up like little jacks in a nest and open their beaks wide. I’ve tried getting a picture of them feeding, but it’s a little difficult. They deflate flat pretty quick after Mom and Dad leave and if I even think about getting close, they skedattle.

Bear and I have plans to build a raised bed this weekend. Well Bear knows we are gonna build it. I’m not sure he realizes there’s a deadline. I’ve got baby tomato plants coming! Also, I’ve finally figured out the bread method in this bread book and I’m probably gonna post about that. Not terribly exciting to others maybe, but OMG GOOD BREAD.

(Linda: got title from “I’ve Got Friends” by Manchester Orchestra)