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February 2023
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aside the lions and the ladies

I had the most fucked up dream last night. I couldn’t fall asleep and I couldn’t fall asleep and I freaked myself out thinking someone had broken into our house. Nevermind that I sleep just fine on the nights that we leave windows open. Finally I fell asleep and I started dreaming. I would swear to you that I had this dream going on for hours. I don’t give a shit what people say about not being able to have a dream that is connected for most of the night. I do it.

So I starts off that I’m driving through mountains to visit this tiny town that lives in a isolated valley. It sounds like a bad movie script. I get there and I’m staying with these people and I’m supposed to be learning from them? It feels like I was learning spinning but I distinctly remember competitions and computer stuff and games.

Someone’s board broke and we had to replace it before we could continue. There were pieces that weren’t competition and we just learned from them. At our terminals. Clearly my brain is crazy. But this is how the dream went. And I had a partner there. He wasn’t Bear and he wasn’t Carl. I didn’t travel there with him? I don’t know. But I remember at one point he stayed out of a leg of the competition and it was a big concern.

Eventually the whole town needed to travel to another place. I remember this felt like some kind of an emergency? So we are all walking and the partner dude gets stuck to the side of a hill.

Like, the ground comes up and traps him. And it starts raining? And water shoots out of the ground? I think this was the emergency. So anyways I’m really concerned about getting the partner out of the ground and the rest of the tribe is thinking they’ll send this one guy. He’s the most…good? person from the village. Because inherent goodness defeats ground that can swallow and trap people. Right. So he goes to free my partner dude and he gets thrown to the ground… by the ground? I dunno. It was bad. The village people freak out that my partner is one of the evil things. And I start creeping along the side of the hill to try and free him myself because I don’t want to tell the village people how I know he isn’t evil. But water starts falling on just me and the village people notice and I have to explain that I know he isn’t evil.

So apparently a couple hundred years ago, there weren’t people running around. There were just these creatures:

(That’s a depiction of Tiamat.)

And there was one black one and he was evil and a bunch of white ones and they were good and then there were a ton that didn’t know what they were. So this one white one battles the black one and swaps their heads thus defeating the evil. Or incorporating it into herself and forcing the goodness from her head into the evil. So whatever. Not defeated, just spread and shared. And that’s me and the partner dude. We hatched out of the creatures with the swapped heads and have been just fine ever since. No ramages of evil or random miracles coming out of asses. We are sometimes together and sometimes not.

So I’m explaining all of this to the village people. It was more that I was told them who we were. They already knew the story? That’s when the partner bursts out of his earth cage.

And I woke up. And all day today I’ve been grouchy and it feels like something is pushing into my left eye. Some days I’m pretty sure I’m kinda crazy.

(Linda, title is from The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine)